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29 November 2013

Best Apps for Windows Phone 8* (Part One)

(* with an obvious bias towards Nokia Lumia instruments.)

I'm really enjoying my phone since I bought it a few months ago. New apps are constantly being added, and I can honestly say I miss nothing. As an update to my previous post about HERE Maps versus Google, I've been using HERE more and more, and it gets me to the right place. (Except once or twice when it gets a bit confused about what EXACTLY you mean, but they're always updating it.) Anyway, after my initial excitement, I've been able to calm down and figure out which apps I use the most, and which ones people (like you, if you're considering a Lumia) would be more likely to love. These do not include the obvious (Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, Facebook etc), and are basically add-on apps to make your life easier, not necessities.


I have a whole collection of photo apps, which I will do a separate blog post about at some point, but if you're just going to get one get the Sophie Lens HD. When I downloaded it, it came with a special offer of five packs of filters free, but I think the filters are worth the money, especially the Fashion one.



It's hard to find a useful, good Twitter client that will let you do everything you want: look at lists, switch between accounts, check how many people followed (or unfollowed you) (BONUS!) It's hard especially if you're on a WP, while Android and iOS have a zillion options, Windows doesn't really. I used the native Twitter app for a while, before switching to Tweet It, which you can either get a trial version of (with ads) or buy for Rs 160. (I use the trial version, but I'm thinking of buying it, because then I can use different accounts, and pin all these different accounts to my home screen. The free version is pretty good too, though.



I'm really liking an Android climbover called Zite. It learns from what you post on social media networks, and each article has a like or dislike button, so if you rate enough, the app knows what to toss up next. I like lying in bed in the morning and reading the news on my phone, and after I'm done with the headlines, I switch to my casual news: celebrity gossip and books and writing. Plus it's super easy to share what you're reading, just from the app.



I never really was one for music on my phone, and perhaps this was because I always had an Android, where battery life is shit if you have a cheaper phone. Nokia MixRadio has Not only is all this music available for free, FOR FREE! but you can also download mixes uploaded by other people to play offline. My one quibble is that I can't arrange my own music into playlists, but apart from that, WHEEE FREE MUSIC!


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