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20 November 2013

Wishlist and Stuff I Love (1): Putting it out there

First off, I'd like to introduce The Life & Times of Layla The Ordinary. 

This used to be Confessions of a Listmaniac, but since it wasn't getting enough play, I gave it to Penguin's new YA imprint, Inked, last year. It's finally back out in stores, and I'm delighted with it. If you like young adult writing, I think you'll enjoy this book. 

Buy here. Kindle option here.  

Here's a link to the Penguin Inked blog, where I did a post on how I became a writer.

Anyway! Sales pitch done, and I hope it worked, because dudes, you will LOVE this book, I move on to the pretty-pretties. This is a new feature I hope to be able to do more regularly on the blog. Because? Because it's fun!

I don't have much time to shop these days (like, who does, right?) so I get most of my window shopping kicks from browsing e-commerce websites, and gazing at pretty things I will probably never buy.  

* Sometimes I succumb, like in the case of this dress by Runaway Bicycle. I love it, I love the way it's loose and sort of casual and yet has this boho vibe to it. Yesterday, I teamed it with tights, slouchy "suede" boots (that I HAVE to upgrade because they're ripping apart, but so comfortable!), a grey shrug and a fedora. The fedora was a bit OTT, I admit, and I took it off soon after, but it was sort of nice pretending to be an OTT kind of person, you know? 

* I spend a lot of time on Koovs. Do you know Koovs? I've never actually bought anything from there, but I have a great time just looking. Currently, I love, love, LOVE this cat jumper by Oasis, look at the dinky little cats on the collar!

* Fashion At Click is a very nice website with very unfortunate photography. I swear, they go out of their way to make the clothes look ugly. It wouldn't hurt to just style the dresses slightly differently, even if they must have an unflattering picture of a model. Regardless [MOVING ON FROM BAD PHOTOGRAPHY!] I really like this embroidered dress.

* I've been exploring my ICICI payback points, you know how your bank gives you points each time you spend? So I got myself a microwave idli maker. Don't laugh--this has basically transformed my life. It's super easy if you buy some instant idli mix, you basically have idlis ready in like 7 minutes tops. If you like South Indian breakfast, ie. Here's a link to one.

* Ending with the answer to the all-important question: what is the number one thing you should be buying this winter?

ANSWER: (and I cannot stress this enough) BLACK LEGGINGS.

No seriously. You should buy two pairs (which I didn't, because I'm obviously not a forward thinker), of a wool/acrylic/cotton mix, and THEN, just slap 'em on under everything: sweaters, dresses, skirts. Leggings, not tights, because you want them to look kinda like pants and kinda formal when you wear them to a fancy party. I bought mine at Forever 21, which is amazeballs, and super cheap, so cheap that you question their production methods, but let's not go behind that curtain.

What have you bought that you love this month?


  1. god yes. how would i LIVE without my *cough*six*cough* pairs of black leggings? all shapes sizes and lengths. all hail black leggings. also the last time i looked the forever 21 in vk had closed?
    (lordy the word verification was cutiee)

  2. Open in Saket! The mall with the DT Cinemas. Mobbed. :)

  3. Black Leggings, Forever 21, noted. Do they have them in biggish sizes?

  4. Yes, I think so. They're pretty good with sizes, but you have to dig a bit.

  5. Thanks :). Also, I bought this recently

  6. difference tween leggings and tights?

  7. Vegan boots for winter are a good investment.

  8. Black Leggings...Woah... I bought one two days back :-) :-)
    Its super cool and will go with anything...

  9. Great advice in the post on how you became a writer!
    And yes, how awesome are black leggings with calf-length boots to beat the chill of winter?! :)

  10. Great advice in the post on how you became a writer!
    And yes, how awesome are black leggings with calf-length boots to stylishly beat the chill of winter?! :)

  11. Listmaniac is part of my dictionary now...but then, change is good right?!
    Minna Madhavan? Naice.
    Love ya for the Runway Bicycle link...OTT dressing is right up my alley!


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