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14 August 2015

A list of things I would like to propose we get "independence from"

1) Long lines.
2) No lines at all and everyone just shoving their way in anyway.
3) That horrible IRCTC website and how long it takes to do anything on it.
4) People who smell bad.
5) People who hurt weaker people/animals because they obviously have small penises.
6) People who think the world begins and ends with their penis.
7) People who drive really fast in residential areas and don't slow down until the very last minute making an "eeeeeek" sound with their tires.
8) People who flake on plans at the last minute when you're already all dressed up and perfumed and you have to take everything off and resign yourself to an evening in instead of an evening out.
9) The heat.
10) The cold.
11) The mugginess.
12) People who check my name before they bitch about other religions, so they know they're not offending me DIRECTLY.
13) People who gather round a scene and watch, I seriously want to slap all their faces, STOP FUCKING WATCHING ME.
14) People who win an argument just by shouting.
15) People.
16) Things.
17) Petrol prices.

Happy 69th Independence Day, India! 


  1. Happy Independence Day. We need to get a life, free our minds and stop banning stuffs, barging into hotel rooms and, of course, stop this prejudice and hatred. Only then we will be free.


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