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11 August 2015

Random memories triggered by songs on NOW That's What I Call The 90s

* Gangsta's Paradise by Coolio: This was in that Michelle Pfieffer (fffer? Something) movie! The one with the kids who came around to her way of thinking after she printed out Bob Dylan lyrics and passed them round. The kids eventually loved her. You know what happened to me when I tried to be all teacher-y for like two weeks with an NGO programme? I almost had a nervous breakdown. Kids are not easy man. And no one is singing fun songs.

* I Can't Help Falling In Love With You by UB40: You need to read my whole essay over at Ladies Finger to get my memory of this song, but mostly, there was a boy and he wrote this on his t-shirt as a sign of his love.

* Wannabe by The Spice Girls: ZIG A ZIG AH! Also we were in South Ex the first time this song came on the radio and we sang along, and felt Spice Girl-y ourselves, so that was nice. This was right before the Spice Girls Explosion, and you wanted to be Posh or Baby, sometimes Ginger, Sporty too asexual, Scary too Scary, plus her hair was all curls and we were Dally girls and curls were only a post-bath thing, except for me, and I brushed my hair straight so it stood up with static. Poor Scary Spice.

* Cotton Eye Joe by Rednex: Okay, first of all, FIRST OF ALL, I did not realise the singers of this fine earworm were called Rednex. REDNEX! Holy appropriateness, Batman. This was the night I got very very stoned in Goa with just another acquaintance for company and all the trance music turned into Cotton Eye Joe and I wandered through the crowds searching for the DJ to ask him to change the music. (I'm lucky to be alive.)

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  1. No 90s compilation is complete without the Macarena! Remember the original and then the many many spinoffs?


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