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5 November 2015

I see your fall colours shining: day two in Berlin

Went for a long walk in a park today and I was struck by all the colours. I mean, I've seen orange and yellow trees in movies but at home, the trees and foliage is all green.

The Good Thing is eager to introduce me to all his favourite Berlin food. This is from an excellent soup place next to his parents house here. They have different soups every day and so hearty and delicious they "taste like a hug" as the American on the next table said. We've also had the famous doner kebab he's been going on about, very different from the Delhi version. Oh also this is beef. I'm eating all the beef.

Next to the park, a house with red ivy. Did you know ivy could be red too? I didn't. So beautiful.

Bit blurry but topical, a sign at a speech therapist saying 'refugees welcome.' isn't this a great city? I'm in love.


  1. Lovely, beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Berlin looks absolutely GORGEOUS eM! I am so jealous!
    And the blog template is also really pretty. I need to figure out how to revamp my own.


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