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29 August 2020

Today in Photo

Fake smile, fake face, fake... Breasts? No, but M&S shifted their annual lingerie sale online this year and I DESPERATELY needed new bras for the future where I will hopefully have occasion to wear said bras. One of the garments I bought was a minimiser because the first place I gain weight is on my chest so I keep going up cup sizes while everything else stays the same for a few years but with the middle aged thickening. (as someone who resents exercise i am resigned to my belly). Anyway so a bunch of my clothes only zipped up two cup sizes ago like this dress which I wore only to see if the bra worked. It did! In celebration, I also put on some Just Because make up and took a selfie because it's always nice to go backwards in time. I really should work out though, everything is giving way. I probably shouldn't be talking about my bra in public, not if I want to be seen as a Serious Writer, but hello, this Serious Writer wears a bra, what can I do? I don't write with my tits but. #whatiworetoday #curves

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