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5 July 2004

Surfin' away

It's a rushed sort of day and yet I feel so lazy. I have a lot of work to wrap up before my upcoming holiday, stories to file, stories to track, things to be put in order... phew! All this for a mere two weeks!
And to top off my list of worries, I still don't have a required friend/chaperone to come on the trip with me and K. (coz our parents aren't exactly thrilled about the idea of the two of us going alone, you know?)
To take my mind off all this, I decided to blog surf for a bit, to see if anything particular caught my fancy. There are times when something in another blog inspires a stream of thought for my own.
So..presenting Mynna's round-up of the five most recently updated blogs as of 3.51 pm, Monday, 5 July.
Crap Corner: What looks like a promising blog, despite its terrible name. (Honestly, people should learn how to name their blogs appropriatly). This one has only two entries, but its tagline reads 'Short reviews of music'.
Read My Email: I was like huh? when I saw this one. Wouldja really be interested in someone else's email? Apparantly April from New Jersey (hey, lots of April's out there) thought you would be. Some of the emails are nice and some are the variety that I delete instantly. She sure gets a lot of junk mail!
Ooh.. this list is getting harder. I keep skimming past the ones with Japanese writings and one promisingly caleld A Clockwork Orange but when I finally clicked on it, turned out to be in Portugese..!
Okie time for some stats, as my other browser window loads. On a general survey taken by Mynna (TM) of For The Fat Lady Internet Surfer's Coorporation (also TM), it was found that more women than men tended to blog about their persoanl lives. The men had purposeful blogs, the women seemed more to digress. When asked for a comment, Mynna said, "It's because women feel the need to unburden, and as there are fewer people today ready to listen to your crap, the internet serves as a confessional."
A writer and his web blahg: This one is also from India, from Chennai to be exact and handed me a useful little link called the Indian webblogger's ring. It seems a nice enough blog, only a trifle ponderous, so don't go here if you just want to skim.
Okay, I know I said five, but it's hard to find quality blogs! So here's my last one.
Adventures in Goat World: This is a nice, funny blog. She's even put a little not to her relatives in there, which i think all of us anxious not to have our parents read what we write should emulate.
Happy browsing, equally bored people!

EDIT: 'For The Fat Lady' is now the first link under google search for Mynna! *passes out cigars and champagne*. (Said Academy Award style) I'd like to thank all the little people that helped me to get here today!!! :D


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