Who I am


My name is Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan, and I've been running this blog for nine years now. You can call me eM. Because it sounds like the letter 'm', because it's "me" backwards, and because for a long time, this blog used to be anonymous, so I needed a psuedonym.

Yes, I am an author. You can find links to my books in the Stuff I Wrote page.

Yes, everything on here is true.

No, I'm not doing this just for attention or to make some kind of bold moral statement against Indian womanhood. I began by doing this for me, and then it, well, grew.

No, I don't use people's real names. Yes, I usually ask for permission before I post anything that might be "incriminating". Yes, if you have once been part of my life and/or in a relationship with me, you might be written about. I'm sorry. It sucks to have writers as friends.

No, not smoking to make a statement. Smoking kinda sucks, and I'd really like to kick the habit. I'm considering hypnotherapy.

Yes, you're allowed to not like my books or my writing.

Yes, you're allowed to say that in the comment section too (though I think it's kinda pointless that you'd bother to comment on a blog you don't really care for.)

No, you're not allowed to use abusive language in the comments section and/or make any personal, irrelevant statements. Those comments will be deleted.

Yes, sometimes I don't spellcheck.

Yes, I love when you visit.