My latest book is The One Who Swam With The Fishes.

"A mesmerizing account of the well-known story of Matsyagandha ... and her transformation from fisherman’s daughter to Satyavati, Santanu’s royal consort and the Mother/Progenitor of the Kuru clan." - Hindustan Times

"Themes of fate, morality and power overlay a subtle and essential feminism to make this lyrical book a must-read. If this is Madhavan’s first book in the Girls from the Mahabharata series, there is much to look forward to in the months to come." - Open Magazine

"A gleeful dollop of Blytonian magic ... Reddy Madhavan is also able to tackle some fairly sensitive subjects such as identity, the love of and karmic ties with parents, adoption, the first sexual encounter, loneliness, and my favourite, feminist rage." - Scroll

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For freelance work: I've written for both national and international newspapers/magazines and I'm happy to send you a copy of my resume and my rates. I can also send you links to stories I've done if you need to consider my non-blogging style of writing.

For advertising: For sponsored posts, PLEASE have a look at the blog to see if your product would suit the existing style. For banners, sidebar images, please email me for a rate card.

For interviews: I prefer email interviews, but please, not more than ten questions! Five? Five I can handle with ease.

For traveling to out of town festivals etc: Please bear in mind that I no longer live in Mumbai. (It seems odd to put this here, but I receive a number of emails asking me to come to this or that in Mumbai, and then after I commit, they vanish upon hearing that I'm based out of New Delhi.) If that's clear, then yes, I have done a number of speaking engagements in the past, so in all likelihood, I'd be open to coming to yours. 

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  1. the last day i see your image an some details in a malayalam magzine m intrstd the way ur wrting i wana knw abt u mre n mre , . ......

  2. I don't like the new layout of the blog. Looks very run-of-the-mill type. And the first two three times I came here, I thought it's someone else's and went away. :(

  3. Been reading your blog for over 2 years now! And I looooved the new layout! It is so you. Keep up the good work :)

  4. Hi, Accidentally I came across your blog! but liked the boldness to say what you think! though I may not agree what you do (smoking habit like)! on a lighter ntoe - when I read "who I am" you ended with xx eM...curious of there is a reason why you used only 2 x's, you could have used one more too :)

  5. Hi,

    We're interested in advertising on your blog / website. Let me know if you're interested in discussing further about it.


    Amandeep singh

  6. Honesty results in brivity, depth in lang gives it clarity...lovely writing and very engaging..jealous of the courage you are displaying to portray yourself!!

  7. Hi,

    See your photos taken while at kochi recently.

  8. eM..Hi! came across the Y! article of ur's and must say long but worth it! I like the way u've put in ur real self in ur words unlike some of the other blogers who seem way too artificial. I wouldn't say I am fond of reading blogs in particular but u seem to strike a topic that catches interest automatically.
    Clicked the link to ur blog and there seems loads for me to catch up ;-) I hope I will be able to go thru all.
    Was here just to drop a " Hi! :-) " and to praise the obvious!

    Gr8 work!! :-)

  9. Trying to follow the blog as a blogger user myself - where/how?

  10. Once your blog was the most sought one.
    Hope you will again create history.

    All the best M!

  11. i felt really inspiring and i am totally inspired by your writing .. i actually do some writing , it would be really helpful and amazing if you would guide me through...

    waiting for a reply

    -the awesomely inspired

  12. Came across your blog by a pure random chance, after what - 10 years?


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