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22 June 2004

Summer colds

Don't summer colds suck? It's just such a nasty feeling to have your body feeling hot to the point of sweaty outside and inside you're shivering. It's raining in Delhi, which means half the time the humid hits you in great waves as soon as you step outdoors. And you have not known humidity till you've lived in India. The air is so thick, breathing is an effort. My hair, which is the thick and frizzy variety goes ballitsic and the only way to look presentable is to tie it up firmly into a knot at the base of my scalp. It's the kind of weather where your clothes are always wet with sweat and your hands are always sticky.
Of course, there are brief respites. It does rain and then it's excellent. The wind seems to kiss you as it whistles past, you feel like a total cruiser in your car, with the music on high to embarrassingly enough 'Milkshake'. (I cannot get enough of this song! There's something so profound in the lyrics-- My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, they like it better than yours, damn right it's better than yours, I could teach you but I'd have to charge--- what does it mean??? But the tune is so catchy I don't really care.)
Anyhoo, as I was saying about the rain. It's nice and all, but it means a change in season and with all the temperatures going in and out, what with walking from an office the temperature of a fridge to the car where I never have enough money to have enough fuel to put on the A/C. So then by the time I reach home I'm all hot and sweaty anyway. And these days, since my flatmate is away I've moved back in with my parents, where my bedroom does have an A/C, so ergo... frozen me with frozen sinus glands which then unfreeze painfully.
What's the weather like where you are?


  1. I too live in a humid climate and know what it's like to have out of control hair! I live in Sarasota, Florida where we are in for at least 5 months of steamy sweaty weather. I do triathalons so most of my exercise is done in the very early mornings which is not great-your shorts stick to your but within 5 minutes of running. swimming is the best way to beat the heat. have you tried a product line called Ouidad? They make a Climate Control Gel which is great for frizzy hair. Both my sister and I have used it, and you can look more presentable. Paul Mitchell's The Conditioner which is a leave in is also great for curly hyair in humid climates. As for the summer cold, I'm trying to fight one off with tea, soup, tons of water with lemon, and rest when I can. Stay cool!

  2. freezing cold, since you ask!

  3. I can actually feel the weather reading your blog. Amazing use of words. I love your blog!

  4. i must disagree... i dont think any place can get as humid as hong kong! especially during the summer. its so sick. u take a shower, and 2 mins later you're already sweating. if u leave your hair to dry without using a hairdryer, it just doesnt try. ive never been to delhi, so i dont know how had it can get, but i think i have a pretty good idea. humidity sucks !

  5. its burning hot here.. The summer heat is making me sweat like a pig right now.. thankfully the MNC that I work for has a freezing temp inside.. :\


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