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28 August 2004

It's Party Time, Woah, It's Party Time, Yeah -The Conclusion

Kabir joined us later on the dance floor, alternating dancing between Sara and me, we were still trying to figure out who he was flirting with-- but no dice. I saw Dee and Amulya making their way to us through the crowd and remembered with a guilty start, that I had left them at the table about half an hour ago. Oh well.
Dee came up to me and whispered, "So this is why you didn't come back?" and then proceeded to flirt with Kabir! It was all very odd, and it felt like I was watching one those foreign "art" movies, which usually wind up with 'Guess who's sleeping with who'. (Later Dee even turned to him and said, "I'm flirting with you." Really Dee!)
After a bit, Amulya and Dee both said it was time to go home, so we dutifully got up, clutched our handbags and prepared to leave. "Do you have to go?" asked Kabir. "Well, that is our ride," I said, regretfully.
"I'll drop you home!" he exclaimed and I thought okay, no biggie, coz we live right next to Turquiose.
But then the nightclub started to close.
"Let's go to Mirage," he suggested.
"Mirage? But you live right next to Mirage! Why would you want to come all the way back here to drop us off?" (Yes, us, oh reader with dirty mind, Sara was with me the whole time after Dee and Amulya left).
"That's okay," he smiled charmingly. He was rather charming, it was a quality he carried with him from his teenage years.
(Quick time check: 1.45 am)
So after much phone-calling and checking to see whether we could at that time of the night, switch to another nightclub and Sara checking with our manager friend at TC to see if he knew anyone (he did), we set out.
"You can sit in the front seat," Sara murmured as Kabir unparked and pulled up next to us.
We got to Mirage only to find that it was shutting down as well.
"I just want to show my friend the place," said Kabir, smiling at the bouncer. No go. So Sara did her whole "Just for a minute, we won't even stay and I know the guy at TC" which worked better and the bouncers parted to let us in.
Kabir met a whole bunch of people he knew there, but didn't bother to introduce either me or Sara. In fact, most of the time, he just said "Wait here" and vanished. Does anyone else think that's wierd?
But he did return to tell us everyone was heading to yet another nightclub. Nothing from this evening was surprising me anymore, in fact if Kabir said "Everyone's heading to the moon to go dance amongst stardust," I would have been okay with that too.
But Kabir decided not to go and so we piled into his car again and went to his house. This was wierd for me. N. used to live above his house, that's where they met and fell in love and I used to be over there all the time. Not anymore. N. moved, N. is dating Kabir's older brother and she is very happy with him. No, that's not a bad thing. She and Kabir had been unhappy and on-and-off for quite some time before she and Ankur got together.
Anyhoo, the minute we got into his house Kabir started talking about N. "I'd never do something like that to my brother," he said mournfully. I just looked at him and thought Dude if you want to hit on me this is the worst possible subject to bring up. After a while of him grousing I said, "I'm not really comfortable with this conversation."
"Oh why not?" he asked. I shot him daggers and he shut up, thankfully. Then poor naive Sara picked up his guitar and said, "Why don't you play something?" This part was fun. We sat around and sang and he even played us a 'self-composed Hindi number'. (I must confess I cracked up at this point).
Then I excused myself to got to the bathroom and guess what he and Sara talked about? Threesomes!!! Do you think... he was expecting... us.... Nah, too far-fetched, right?
When I returned he had taken all the pillows off the uncomfortable headboard I had been leaning against.
"Uh, where am I supposed to sit now?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. He patted his lap indicating I was to lie down and put my head embarrasingly close to his crotch. "You've taken all the pillows!" I exclaimed again, brightly and he sheepishly handed me one.
Okay so no, no action for Kabir and certainly none for me. Especially when he started talking about all the women who kept calling him and how they were all 'skanks' and wanted to sleep with him and how no woman ever got the concept of one night stands. (My eyes ached later with all the eyeball rolling I was doing).
It's sad though. He used to be such a sweet, unassuming guy. Oh well.
Thus ends my three-part series, I hope you all had as much fun as I did! I'm going to be doing a lot more of these in the future, so send me feedback etc.

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  1. What can i say? Sorry for not hooking up with Mr Full Of Himself! :) Next time, more sex scenes, I promise, even if I have to make them up...


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