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11 March 2005

Quick Blog Murugan (written straight from the hip)

Just finished Chitra Divakaruni's (she seems to have dropped the Bannerjee. Ah well. We can't all handle double-barrelled surnames) Queen Of Dreams. Nice enough. Same mother-daughter theme with American Girl Searching For Indian Roots Only Provided By Masala Chai. If that floats your boat, then perhaps you'll enjoy this one.

I also watched the first episode of Miss Match (10 pm, Tuesday, Star World). Alicia Silverstone is very good in it, except have you ever noticed that funny thing she does with her mouth? It sorta goes up at one end and down at another and I've been practising in the mirror, except I look like a rhesus monkey. Alicia Silverstone is not so hot anymore, at least, not as hot as she was in the Crazy video. (I loved that video. And the song. I play it in my car all the time, windows down, yelling, "Girl I know you ain't wearing nothin' underneath that overcoa-oat and it's allllllll a show.")

Nitya's boyfriend is back from sailing the seven seas. (Seriously, he's a sailor). He got her a bottle of Davidoff's Echo and the coolest/kitschiest part of the bottle is that when you take of the cap a little mechanical voice goes, "I love you so much, I love you." I giggled for ages after she showed me that. It smells delish though.

People have been raving about P. Chidambaran for so long, and I never knew what they saw in him. But yesterday, at Soli Sorabjee's budday party I saw him face-to-face and the man is hot. Seriously. Those spectacles, that unassuming air of great intellegence, the lanky body, very nice. I haven't felt this way about a political leader since I.K Gujral, to whom incidentally, when I was 14, I wrote a letter saying, "I think you're doing a fabulous job." He never wrote back though. Humph. When I am Prime Minister, I will reply to all my fan mail.

And my writing sample for college is almost done--and I'm quite pleased with it too. It's come out rather nicely, considering I haven't written fiction in the longest time and I'm a little out of practice. Real life seems to be so much more interesting than fiction these days, don't you think?

Leela and boyfriend have moved into lovely flat in London. At least, she says it's lovely. Lucky thing, to be sitting in London with all those exciting phoren things happening all around her. Though when I went to London I didn't like it very much--it was too cold and too wet and I only had one sweatshirt jacket, so I froze. Paree is much nicer, and warmer and even the truck drivers are hot. And I saw poodles with ribbons in their fur.

Right, now to wrap up writing sample and get dressed pronto for work.


  1. I find that I dont even know half the people you talk about in your blog. And you MEET them ! You get to work at like mid afternoon, you meet celebrities, you have met THE Chidambaram... I feel unworthy of commenting at you blog any longer, Oh eM of the Exalted Circles ;)

  2. Hey eM,

    Nice post, as usual.

    Hmmmm, it is good to know that some cabinet ministers in India are attractive. But, if he flutterworthy?

    BTW, all places outside India seem cold and soulless after some time. At least for me they do. Different strokes...

    Catch ya later...

  3. Vignesh: Aww.. has my name-dropping scared you away? I'm sorry, it's just what I write about when nothing of great importance is happening in my life! And as for the timings and celeb meetings, it's only coz I'm a journalist--plus I get home pretty damn late too. Psst.. tomorrow I'm meeting Dino Morea! :) (Okay, I'll stop)

    Anurag; Flutterworthy? Hmmm.. I'm not really sure. See with Rahul, it's more like he's all young and dapper and virile. Whereas with PC, he looks like he'd be rather shocked if you made that proposition to him. But at the party I was at he was wearing a suit and tie which suited him much better than the mundu he's been wearing all this while. But I disagree with you about the outside India thing--I love to travel. Even though Delhi is home.

    Hey, just out of curiousity and because it struck me, can anyone tell me how planes stay in the air? Maybe it's magic :)

  4. Chanced upon your blog while looking for someone else. You have a great blog. By an interesting coincidence, I think we have met.

  5. Fingeek: Really? That's interesting.. how exactly have we met? (Since you're in New York and all)

  6. Hi there...I just finished Divakaruni's "Mistress of Spices" a few weeks ago. This one was much more experimental, I think, than her other works...not that I've read her entire catalog. Lots of fantasy and very entertaining. It certainly made me realize how boring my spice regimen is. :)


    Have a nice day.

  8. emmmmmmmm
    i loved ur book .. d ending especially rocked! n ur blogs r equally gud..


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