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21 June 2005

That's me in the spot light...

A year ago today, I sat at work, very bored and decided to start a blog. Things were different then, I was younger, god, so much younger--even though it's only been a year.

And now, June 21st 2005, I pat myself on the back. I've made it. I've seen a voluntary project, something I don't even get paid for, imagine, to a full year. Wow.

It sounds terribly cliche and loserlike to say it, but I must. Blogging has helped me realise the importance of online community, re-realise the significance of words, meet some pretty fantastic people, come into contact with others who I wouldn't have known. My friend, who by the way, I became reacquainted with, only because of this blog, told me the other day, that I've become "the girl who does that blog" and though I laughed at the time, now it feels good! I had practically stopped writing when I started blogging, writing for myself that is, and then I fell in love with it all over again and it was like revisiting an old lover, y'know? "Oh, you still do that to me!" and "Hey, when did you become able to do that!"

And I read the archives and I sometimes wince at my voice back then and sometimes marvel at how I can see an entire year of my life unfolding over the internet. It's pretty cool.

Anyway, enough of speech, on to celebrations :)

I hope y'all like this template, it still has a few bugs to iron out, but all in all, can I just say, I LOVE it. I have never loved another template so much.

And you know how in some Friends shows they'd do this little recap of all their best episodes? Here's my version. (If you've read the archives, sorry, sorry, but hey, it's always fun going back right?)

>The firstest postette
As of now, I'm 22, I'm a journalist like I said before and I work in a tabloid! I live, work, love in New Delhi, the capital of India. I'm single (ie I'm not married) but I have a beautiful boyfriend.

> The first mention of TC

This weekend I'm super-busy. I have three (count 'em: THREE) booklaunches in the span of two days. I have to meet my 'Manali Gang' tonight for drinks at my favourite pub in the whole world: Turquoise Cottage.

> The first Bridget Jones reference :)
You see, usually when I go for parties, they're small affairs. Someone's computer is blaring out music, drinks sit on top of a table, most people bring their own and you settle comfortably in your jeans and t-shirts into conversation groups.

> The only post without a title
this is what heartbreak feels like--- not the pain and hurt i thought i'd feel-- but a numbness, which thankfully allows me to go about my day, not caring till a sudden blast of memory leaves me feeling like a great big chunk has suddenly been scooped out of my stomach.

> Enter the ex
Me: Hey
Him (rather too enthusiastically): Hi!
Me: Just wanted to... y'know... check in and things. See how you were doing. Coz we should stay friends and all (realise I am babbling and trail off)
Him: Yes, that's what I want as well.

> The Compulsive Confessor
She said, "You know what your problem is? You're a compulsive confessor."

Ooh, very late! If you like, I could do an update later :)

Happy Blorgthday to me.


  1. excellent new template. this seems to be the season for blog birthdays and i have no freakin clue how you greet a blog. its fun reading your posts. so keep posting :)

  2. hey great blog. i found one exactly like yours!

    here it is,

  3. ooh, the new template is very classy. :) i'm usually not senti but here goes. i chanced upon your blog 10 days ago and spent a weekend reading all your archives. the entries made me smile, they made me laugh, they made me sad... they made me want to write. and i've started. so thank you. and let's hope you never lose your religion... writing, that is.

  4. I read the post with no title and felt sad that I didn't know you back then to offer comfort. That posts really shows what a difference a year makes. Happy Blogday to you!

    P.S. that's what TC stands for.

  5. You're in an experimental mood, I see. For what it's worth, I like the black background more.

    Congratulations on reaching your first anniversary, sweetie. I've only been along for the last 3 months of the ride - but so far, it's been fun.

    -cyber hug-

  6. Hey. Happy Blog Birthday or whatever else one wishes at these times.

    Everytime I log on to the net, I check your Blog for updates, don't necessarily comment all the time, given that so much is already said! :)

    This new template is good, I think Black is your colour!

  7. Happy 'Blogrthday' sounds like a orc name from Tolkein or the other orc writers.
    One is long time, nice very nice patience.
    The new template loads much faster, the fonts could be brighter though.
    Have fun on your Blogrthday or whatever you call it.

  8. I don't want to give you an ego boost - lest you get complacent, and take this easy - but, girl, you really have a fabulous gift ...

    wish u all the best in your career ... and I do think that you have a very promising one ahead of you ...

    errr, that's as charitable as I can get today ...

  9. hmm.. that template looks good... enjoy and keep posting.. didnt know about the break-up, though. Break-ups are great opportunities to reinvent yourself, are they not? why the attempt at anonymity, btw?

  10. Aw.. you guys *blush, blush* Thank you all. And I'm glad the new template is such a success. (Btw, it's off off Blogskins, where the other imageless stuff isn't that bad either)

    sagnik: How do you greet a blog? Hmmm... how 'bout, "Hey there, blog" :)

    basho: Um.. if you were planning on being sarcastic, I'm still taking it as a compliment, because I think that blog is HILARIOUS.

    kafka: I'm glad you started writing too :) And you got the lyric, yay you!

    mint: The weirdest thing is, after this post, I had the strangest dream, that K and I were way back before we broke up. Strange, huh? And didn't you know TC? Surely I've explained it somewhere else! :)

    ad: Hey you've been around for a year? Cool! :)

    jay: And I hope you stick around for the next anniversary too :) Hey, and why "so far"? Hmmmmm... not liking the sound of that!

    primal: Really? I was wondering whether I should go with an actual colour like pink or blue. And thank you for reading :)

    bonatellis: In my career? As a professional blogger? ;)

    Vibhu: Hehehehe.. someone keeps comparing me to Harold Robbins too :)

    chameleon: Party's here, dude! *pours out tequila shots*

    fingeek: That's a LOOOOOOOONG story :) Email for more details I think, or wait till I post about it!

  11. imhunt: Sorry, missed your comment! Not LOTR, surely, but my own invention. :) And no more experiments with templates for a while, I think!

  12. happy blogthday! -light hug, air kiss.
    NICE template!

  13. no ... journalism, if that's what you are into and want to continue with

  14. WOW ! I never thought you had it in you ! Great Template !!

    Thanks for all the lovely posts eM !! Its been quite a ride ;)

  15. Yeah now this template is more you. Only I have to highlight every word for my poor poor eyes;) And yes happy blog b'day. When's the treat?:)

  16. is kafka OTS gay?

    or maybe he is HORNY! :)

  17. Its a swell template alright but a little tough on the eyes - the font color.. Maybe a tad brighter shade would do the trick..
    And congrats on completing a year of compulsive confessing..!!..:)

  18. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  19. well congratulations, eM. TC it is then, to celebrate. Wednesday beckons, I suppose.
    Andyes, nice template. better than the previous change.

    (that's me in the corner...)

  20. I'm in love with your blog. But it's way too young for me. I feel like that guy in Lolita. Or Woody Allen. Only I haven't adopted this one. Oh, well, happy b'day#1 dear eM's blog. And many happy returns of the day.

  21. Hey eM,

    hApPy AnNiVeRsArY !!

    Keep Going. And great template.

    (repetitive comment, sorry)


  22. actually, i had made up my mind that for another couple of days i would neither write posts on my blog nor comments on others' blogs... thesis vibes, u see... :D
    but, just read ur post and it felt so good to see u having completed a year in the blogosphere. well, what can i (or anyone!) say?! well done! so much so that u compelled me to leave a comment even in these "trying times"!! ;)

  23. Happy blog-versary eM. OK, that didn't make any sense. Happy blog birthday, eM.

  24. Mangs: Thank you! And no new post on YOUR blog for forever.

    vignesh: I may LOOK technically challenged, but clearly I'm the Wonder Woman of templates! No, no, actually just simple copy-paste job.

    ostrich: KTFF? What is?

    ab: When's the press club evening? ;)

    rt: It shows up fine on my home comp though, I think you need to set the screen resolution higher or something.

    saltwater: Thanks! :)

    Vague: Wednesday night tonight and I'm at TC baby!! :)

    manish: Aww.. you're never too old to hear confessions!

    n.a: Hey, thanks!

    mandar: Good luck with the thesis! Hope all goes well...

    gettingthere: Blogiversary? Blanniversary? Take your pick.

    anurag: I'm in full flow now :)

  25. Keep the Flag Flying!
    that sounds familiar..
    Is this reference to MG of DU fraternity?

  26. Hey CC, Happy Blogrthday. Wishing you many more wonderful blogging years. Toe Knee

  27. BTW, I can't seem to open your "firstest postette." Something wrong with the link?

  28. Hey that's unfair! U r throwing it back at me.

  29. Hi eM,
    Have been lurking here for a while and having a lovely time reading your posts. Terrific stuff!
    Keep writing :-)

  30. I've noticed that blogs get called blogs at all times except on their birthdays when they mysteriously turn into bloggies. Not sure why, but I figured I'd continue the tradition. So here I go.

    Happy birthday bloggie! Congratulations on a great year of rediscoveries and hope there's many more to come. Discoveries and years both :) Cheers and happy writing!


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