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28 August 2005

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream

Wow, the last post was pretty chaotic wasn't it? Your comments were fantastic by the way, and so nice and long, I can see the article really touched a chord! But as much as I would like to leave it up there forever and ever and watch the comment count amass, I realise, sadly, that it's time to move on.

Meanwhile, things have been happening to me. Firstly, last Monday, I met Priya and another acquaintance of mine for drinks at Flames. I was a leetle apprehensive because I had had a long day (no, wait, I had the day off--okay, change that to, I wasn't really in the mood to meet new people on my day off since I do it on my day ons all the time. Common job hazard. Which is why I have so few new friends, because when I'm free I like to be with people who know me and who I can be quiet around and just not say anything, or say something and not give a back story), but anyway Small (as I will call her now, it was a toss up between this and Tina, which she objected to) is a fun person, very chirpy, but very chilled out, the sort of person you can uncurl your toes around. And we got to talking and laughing and she mentioned she was living all by herself and wanted a flatmate and instantly I said, "Ooooh, so do I!" and Priya, not wanting to be left out, said, "Me too!"

Priya and I have been having chats about shifting out all the time. But the thing is I need someone else to be motivated as well, and Priya is very like me, very shanti all the time, and "Yaaa, dude, we'll do it next week." And Small is gung ho and with her being gung ho so was I and the three of us quickly chalked out house rules (no chemicals, no drunken men we don't like in living room, no exes, clean your own space and buy your own shampoo) and planned a housewarming party rapidly.

But what amazed me, because you know, you're drinking, you're chatting, you plan, is that Small followed it up the next day, calling me, calling brokers and we met again, the three of us and fixed a proper working budget and areas we want to live and so tomorrow we go look at places! Yay! We've actually got five brokers on the job, sorta five timing them all and I think that was a good plan, because only two have delivered. And one is former "dealer" now Dealer-we-can-talk-about so I'm not sure what his idea of a great house will be. But what we're looking at is basically three bedrooms and two bathrooms (come on, can you imagine three girls sharing one bathroom? It's madness! I went to boarding school, so I know these things) and perhaps a nice living space where we can put one of the two TVs and one of the three music systems. We have things, we do. Except a fridge.

And I've done this before, before you say, "Oh it's not always about parties and it's very hard work and all." I know. I used to live alone last year, but I had to move out for whatever reasons. And I'm looking forward to doing it again. Absolutely! Check me out with a bachelorette pad!

It should happen in October.

I've also been meeting interesting people. Mangs, for one, who I met at TC and who very kindly gave me her broker's number. We didn't get much chance to chat, and the music was very loud and the drink was very spilling over but it was fun. I also met another blogger--Codey-- at (*cue drumroll*) Cafe Morrison, which I actually really, really liked. It's nowhere close to taking over TC, but it might be a good "new Mezz". I don't know if any of you ever went to the Mezz, but it was awesome. You could sit there for hours and hours (there was no dance floor, so you actually just sat) and you'd invariably bump into people you knew and the waiters were really nice about letting you nurse one drink all evening, or even sit and not order anything at all and just eat free peanuts. I loved the Mezz. I lived there when I was in college and my last two years at school. So yeah, Cafe Morrison has promise and I'm going to take many people there now so I can claim it. (Insert World Domination Type Laughter).

I met Codey with Anita, no blog, so no link, who is writing a book and wanted to talk to me and we girl bonded like to the nth degree. Such fun. Why would anyone want to be a boy when you can have a vagina! Ooh and always look sexy when you dance!

Anyway, speaking of vaginas (and I'm hoping this will lead to a whole new Google search trend rather than the "having sex while on my period" that has now cropped up at least once each time I checked my stats over the last two weeks. And I NEVER wrote about that. God promise. Sigh) So I got this email the other day, which I don't really know how to respond to, so I thought I'd ask you, O Wise and All-Knowing Reader, to answer it for me. Please?

hey hi!
i just read your blog and thought that since you appear to be a nice person with a feel of today's women's you might beable to help me...
i want to know "how can a man seduce the woman he loves?"
i am indian..
waiting for your reply..
bye and keep smiling.

He sent it from some strange email address, so I thought it was spam and then I realised it couldn't be and then my eyes were agleam and I was all atwitter with the blogging possibilities it held. So hello, whoever you are and I suggest you just throw yourself at the mercy of these kind people who will answer your question, coz I can't! I swear, I attempted to reply many times and I couldn't think of a thing! I've never actually seduced a woman you know.


  1. Hm! Since I am in not as morose (ran out of wine earlier in the day) as that night I'd give CM a bit more of slack. And while we were wondering why it was so khaali, well, it was janmashtami. Guess it would be different on normal days and I want to check out one of the psytrance nights.

    And good lord, the vagina line came out almost as if it was aimed solely at me!

  2. ooooh house hunting can be so much fun and frustrating at times, having come out of that experience a few days back, all i can suggest is that you 10 time all your brokers and when you find that dream house pay the advance ASAP, because (and it happened to us) thirty minutes later the house might not be on the market and eM, methinks 3 women and 2 toilets is still madness, but happy house hunting!!

  3. "Why would anyone want to be a boy when you can have a vagina!"

    I'm having t-shirts made up as we speak. We'll go in 50-50 on the profits.

  4. One of those coincidences. I'm meeting a broker this evening. Fortunately Cal is not as frantic as Delhi.

    *careful silence about the rest - age has its limitations*


  5. want one of mint chutney's t-shirts. then i'll blog abt wearing it, then probably i'd have a google hit once in a while, then i'd feature in kanika g's next article, and become WORLD FAMOUS IN INDIA!!! yay!!!

    and you've never tried to seduce a woman? oh dear, what a loss! what shall the kgs of the world write abt next time they want to trash chick blogs? it's very selfish of you, m!

  6. codey: Ahhh.. Janmashtami. Totally forgot :) Psytrance is absolutely NOT my scene though, but I've heard it's very goos then.

    ai: Well, house has been located and it has THREE bathrooms :) And ample closet space, so we're sorted!

    mint chutney: Fabulous idea. Send me one too :)

    J.A.P: Hmmm... age has it's limitations?? Elaborate, do.

    rimi: Hardly "world famous". More like "world notorius" if you're going by articles like that! And no, sadly, never seduced a woman, although...hmmm... it's not too late to try!

  7. used my full name; Mint Chutney. You are either mad at me or you love the idea a lot.

  8. sounds good- this is going to be so epainful and so exciting...!

    and 'the new mezz' is a big call..... sounds bloody promising then...

  9. Congrats. That was easy hah? Like no househunting hassles. Lucky you.

  10. ps- "no chemicals"
    i like that!


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