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1 October 2005

I used to think our linen closet had magical powers. If you got into it, it would magically change you from an adult to a child.. I miss that closet

I'm finally responding to all the memes out there that have come to get me.

The first was that 55-word-story thing that everyone was doing. (Thank you Jasmine!)

Right, here goes my work of literary perfection:

She saw him first at a party where he didn't see her. She whispered his name into her pillow every night. Every love song reminded her of him. She'd dress up to run an errand, just in case she saw him again. She sighed to her friends. This was more fun than a real boyfriend.

And exactly 55 words! I'm most proud of myself :)

Next up, a tag by Mint who says, delve into your blog archive, find your 23rd post (or closest to), find the fifth sentence (or closest to) and post the text online.

Easy-peasy. Here I go, back down memory lane.

Oh boy.

This is the post here.

And the fifth sentence: i know this too shall pass.

I'm so wise.

Now I'm supposed to tag five people, right? I'm going to be very lazy and just randomly point my mouse at my blogrolling thingie to choose.

So there's Vishnupriya, the Jabberwock, AB, Samit and the Gamesmaster.

Enjoy, you guys.


  1. I so love the picture you have put up! Did u take it? Nice 55 words too...

  2. yay! thanks for the tag. just the impetus i needed to put up another post.

  3. That was serendipity do you think? Or perhaps your friend liked the line a lot and wanted you to remember it.


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