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21 March 2006

The One With The New Skills (and a few new weblogs)

As you can see, the old template is back. By popular demand too. I got so many emails going, "Noooooooo, change it, it doesn't show up in Firefox" that I caved, even though *sniff* I thought it was so purty. (See, this is why everyone should stick to Internet Explorer. This very reason. Internet Explorer shows everything).

I have realised I have quite an aptitude for new things these days. Sunday, played pool for the first time ever with Dee and two of her friends and dude, I so rocked. I'm even going to give myself a pool nickname, like, um, Shady. Yeah, Shady. With oversized sunglasses and a scarf wrapped around my neck and hot pants. Red leather, with a black leather jacket. Anyway, I was taught the game by Dee's biker friend who kept calling me "Kid" for some reason, making me feel more and more like I was in a movie. Biker Chick and I played against each other and I almost won! Yay.

My car was in the workshop for the longest time early this month because for some reason the gears refused to change. And it cost me (okay, fine, my mother) about 10k to fix and everything and I asked the guy in my best I-am-professional-woman-who-drives-so-YOU-can't-even-THINK-of-taking-me-for-a-ride what was wrong with it and he said the clutch had worn out, because I drove with my foot on the clutch. Okay, so I do. But it's like a security blanket, my clutch. I need to have my foot on it at all times. Anyway, I've been training myself not to touch it even, and it's been REALLY hard to break a habit that I've had for the last six years, but I'm happy to say I've succeeded. Re-yay.

And since this is boring type post, let me mention that I saw Rajat Kapoor at TC on Saturday night and then in Barista on Sunday evening after I watched Memoirs Of A Geisha which totally made me realise I didn't capitalise on my virginity when I had a chance. Think of the money I could have made. Hell, since I have been practicing celibacy for a while now, I'm practically re-virginised. I want to be a geisha. Just like after I watched Pretty Woman, I wanted to be a hooker.

And whoever landed up on my blog with the keywords "Forgive Me, For I Have Sinned (repeatedly, and with great gusto…)" let's switch lifes (lives?) please.

Ooh, must also point you to this blog which reads like a gossip column and which most media people I know love because it talks about all the people they know. And this blog, which I discovered today and quite enjoyed.


  1. you know, you write rubbish but I kinda like it :)

  2. Think you could have signed off with a subtle "Unvirginally yours" ;-)

  3. i like this template. since i read thru the feed reader - didnt realise u had changed ;)

  4. How was losing virginity for the first time? Was it too painful? I am still a virgin, that is why I ask this sincere question!

  5. Will the real slim shady please stand up..please stand up...please stand up...

  6. What ish this? Caved in because it didnt work in Firefox?? It takes a bit more to make it firefox friendly. Firefox is the future. :)

  7. Well, I loved the old template but I don't think you could tempt me to shift to IE just for that. I am learning to create websites ina small way and one thing I've learnt is how lousy the various versions of IE are. One day they might just create a version that actually reads HTML, but till then I'll stick to Firefox, thanks.

  8. nice one .. didn't know you meant the very original template when u r back to the old template thro' my feeds.

  9. Gah! Nearly decided to stop reading you when I read " See, this is why everyone should stick to Internet Explorer." but am weirdly even if you do like IE...I must realise it takes all kinds.

  10. anon: thanks, right back atcha.

    ubergeek: hah, think i got my point across anyway! :)

    prerona: this is the very, very old one, the one I had way back in the beginning.

    virgin: not to worry, I've got you covered. Refer here:

    anon2: Now picture me driving home, sticking one arm out of the car window, singing the very same song.

    chez, sue, rivka : All you Firefox lovers, I tell you. Mavericks! Rebels!

    Tony: This is why you should always visit the actual blog instead of reading the feeds. (That and it increases my hit counter)

  11. yayyyyy firefoxxx yayyyyy!!! :D

  12. hehe... and i don't even stand a chance of clearing the driving test yet, because my trainer keeps saying "take your foot off the clutch! take your foot off the clutch!"

  13. I see you decided to go old school back to the original template.

    I used to watch Pretty in Pink all the time and wanted to be cool like Molly Ringwald. Not exactly like your Pretty Woman wish but still...

  14. So did you watch something that made you be a journalist? "All the President's Men?" Although, "Network News" is one my faves.

  15. Thanks for sharing your experience.
    My boyfriend and I have been trying to have sex for a long time now. But we havent succeeded. It just starts getting too painful everytime he tries to get inside and we give up until erection is lost. Please advise.

  16. Hey, I think I'm your mystery "Father, Forgive Me" fan. Found your blog the day I was setting up mine by clicking "next blog", and that's the one it landed on. I didn't know how Blogspot worked yet, and lost it before I could bookmark it (I found the whole episode very easy to relate to), so was racking my brain trying to remember what it was called, any phrases in the entry, whatever, and eventually came back to it.

    If it WAS me--not sure why you want to change lives? Sounds like you enjoy the single scene very much. I'm a Canadian mom of 3 boys under 3, and I wouldn't change my life for anything, but it would be a HUGE change to jump into it from where you are! (If you had asked me 6 years ago if I saw myself here in 2006, I would have entered marriage a lot more apprehensively!)

    I love your writing style. Very entertaining, and easy to relate to. I also spent 5 months in (South) India when I was 20, and my husband and I both long to go back there, maybe to live for a while. So, I love reading your blog for the peeks it gives me, not just into your life, but into how India has changed since I was there.

    P.S. Glad I found you when I did--also added a Bravenet counter to my blog, and it's often the only way I know that people are actually reading me--most of my family and friends are too old-school to actually become MEMBERS so as to leave COMMENTS! (Big Brother might be watching them, you know.)

  17. Hmmm...why is there is only one post with the tag - Multifaceted me! :)

  18. Mate ! sometimes when i read your blog i am kinda reassured that there are bigger losers than me.

    Thank you for that !


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