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7 August 2006

A disgusting, almost diabetic type post on the state of my love life, which I suggest you skip

* True to the name of this blog, I must blushingly admit that Romance (with a capital R) has tiptoed into my world once more and is standing quietly in the corner with the umbrella stand. Normally with Romance (and you must FEEL the capital R) I choose to be more discreet than with, say, my regular exploits, but then I realized that if said Romance (has the capital R sunk in yet?) doesn't last, at least this will be a good place to chronicle that it once did exist in my life. Other Party, however, has passed a decree that I may not write about him at all, so, sadly, though I would love to tell you all the details---hell, I'd love to tell ME all the details---I must respect Other Party's wishes.
Damn. This is the point where I wish I was still completely anonymous and that no one who I knew read this blog.
But, the good thing about Romance, is that I had forgotten what a good thing it was. I mean, dude, the happy feelings? They're very good happy feelings. This is, perhaps, more addictive than smoking even. More people should do this, we should have a Bring Back The Romance club, where for 500 bucks a month, you get flirty texts, flowers on your birthday and late night phone calls with a nice voice. Sign up now!

* But, Romance also has its downsides. Like the simple fact that all of a sudden I am so very broke, I don't know where all my money is going, unless it's in Hutch recharge cards. Oh, the amount of recharge cards I have bought. I think I could build a little house with them and still have some left over for like a chimney and doors and things. Luckily, the Internet? It's free. I love the Internet. I wonder how Romance was conducted in pre-cellphone days. I mean, technically, I shouldn't have to WONDER, seeing as this happened when I was in school and stuff, but then there were landlines. Remember landlines? And blank calls that made you thrill with excitement because maybe, just maybe, it was that boy you had a crush on? And rushing to the phone before your parents could answer it so that they wouldn't know that the same boy had already called you thrice in two hours? And twisting the cord of the phone around your finger and doodling "U n Me 4eva!!" all over the telephone directory? While there is still a thrill at seeing Other Party flash on my phone, I think good Romance should have mystery, that only landlines can offer.

* Romance also is a great excuse to pull out your nice clothes from hibernation, that normally you'd only save for the weekend, but now can flash into work with, looking all Hindi movie heroine. I realise, after my last post, what a terrible mistake it is for me to write about clothes because CLEARLY, I know nothing, but still, I just want to say that feeling like Madhubala or someone, with the rain in the background and ooh, a brand new radio station that I love (95 fm, whose is it? what is it? why are they playing such excellent music) is doing wonders for my ego. Wonders.

* While all this is thanks to Other Party, I would like to also point out to Other Party that I haven't really said anything about him, and soooooo, technically, TECHNICALLY, I'm not breaking any rules here. (Note to self: In the future, try and pick Other Parties who DON'T read your blog).

But, before you worry, gentle reader, my life is actually pretty much the same. I went to two parties this weekend, one at Aura to say goodbye to Pieces (it seemed like she just came, too) and the other at Eau. Oh, and at Aura, I attempted to buy my friend a drink and the bartender gave it to me. On. The House. That's never happened to me before. I've been telling everyone, and everyone has been rolling their eyes at me, but I feel it should be recorded for posterity.


  1. So finally the Romance is back. It's good. No it's actually the best thing to happen, especially with the rains around.

    Oh the bliss.

    The same has happened with me three years ago and thankfully it has remained the same.

  2. I particularly like the disclaimer.

    This online romance thing really feeds into my innate voyeurism.

    I need to get better hobby. Like drinking.

    My romance is floundering except maybe virtually.
    Definitely, definitely drinking.

  3. The Rain season brings back the Romance in everyone, good for you and good for ur office folks who get to see (ogle?) u in a bollywood heroine avtaar everyday of the week.

  4. this is so very the rightest time for Romance! the best part is that the really romantic weather, read october and november evenings, are round the corner.. ! yippee!

  5. Good for you and the Romance tiptoeing into your world. Me I am still dealing with Motherhood (with a capital M of course) that crashlanded into mine... :)

  6. My dear eM, I don't think there was ever a time at least some of us didn't know who the CC was.

    In fact, well-informed me also probably knows who the Other Party is. It's such a connected world. But shh, i'm not telling.

  7. good for you.. although for most others (like me) this period lasts till the first burp, fart or emergence of leg hair..

  8. I have such fond memories of Romance. *wistfully looks off into space*

  9. good Romance should have mystery, that only landlines can offer

    so true!!!

    *and why is it so hard to copy-paste on ur blog &*$%#?

  10. I dun even know u .. but god I am so happy to hear this.. it is makin me grin from ear to ear

  11. M is in L (O-V-E) and all is right w the world:)
    Congratulations, darling. May the feeling linger.

  12. ohh make me want to shrug off the skeptism and cynicism...and remember how I loved loving...!

    Been a silent reader for a while, love the blog! :)

    Cheers to Romance!

  13. congratulations! am in love too and have been for two years now (with the same guy!) and i must say it's one of the best-est feelings ever :-)

    on a different note, i was @ TC on wednesday and a friend pointed out who she thought was you (we're both die hard fans of ur blog). wanted to walk up but then thot it wud be silly.. i have 2 questions: were u there? did u wear a strappy printed top?

    please feel free to modify/delete comment... am just being a curious kitten...

  14. Thank you all :)
    Life is good.

    btw, distrakshun, nope, wasn't at TC on wednesday, sorry!

  15. Ah eM, you are too young to remember teh days of romance with no technology except the post. Just a few weeks ago when the blogban was on I wrote a post on how post was used to keep the romance alive and generally the presurser to email. I love technology but there is something to be said for the slow, lazy way of letters. A whole pile of letters tied in ribbon to read through my granny glasses when I am 80! Here is what I wrote in case you are interested (you probably are not):

  16. I also like to confess compulsively...

  17. Nice post. Its not easy to confess, if you do gotto admit it.

  18. came back to read this one again. with R in the air, I just felt like reading this blog all over again. I m ignoring the before and afters of this blog.

  19. I love how active the comments section is, Meenakshi! You make everyone feel so *special*


    (Although this may sound sarcastic, rest assured it is not!)


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