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31 March 2007

Blogging As A Cure For Boredom

> The WTF department: My blogger compose page is for some reason blue. Is this normal? Is Blogger fucking with me? Why blue if they have to change the colour anyhow? I hate how people pick blue whenever they change the colours of things. I'm sick of seeing blue on every webpage I visit. Previously, the compose page was a nice shade of a sepia. Nice. Non-instrusive. Not fucking with my sensibilities. But blue? And this shade of baby blue also, I'm sorry if you like baby blue you're either a 15-year-old girl or really, really gay.

Speaking of really, really gay--so the Worldspace is all fixed up in our house. It belongs to Shark Tooth, but, really, since I'm working from home, it's pretty much mine. And my favourite station, at least one I used to love back in Delhi was Spin, the campus rock station. And since in Delhi I actually had to shower in the morning and leave the house for long periods of time, I never listened to it in the daytime. And thankfuckinggod too. Do you know what they just played? Two Become One by the Spice Girls, Sweet Child Of Mine by GNR--probably the most overrated song EVER and now John Mayer. I like John Mayer as much as the next premenstrual girl, but really, who is this station aimed at in the afternoon? Baristas, I know, play Worldspace all day, but if I was sitting at a Barista at 3.55 in the evening, I totally do not want to listen to Are you as good as I remember, baby, get it on, get it on. Two become one, my ass. Maybe it's like the Gay Takeover, where secretly the station has been invaded by Evil Homosexuals From Mars so that no one on earth can procreate and the human race will eventually die out.

> While we're on the subject of crappy music: So last night, I was out with Shark Tooth after looking for bookshelves and being overcharged (950 for some piece of crap that looked like it would fall apart if it had more than two books on it, and 16 and a half k for getting one made. Out of mahogany and gold inlay, you ask? No, bamboo) and then out of depression we went and got a drink and then the bar started to play Bed Of Roses by Bon Jovi, you know the song you thought was uber-romantic when you were 12 and then I was listening to it last night, in the way you only listen to music when you're a little drunk, and the words suddenly make sense in this huge the-universe-is-parting-to-reveal-the-meaning-of-life-to-me way and I realised that Bon Jovi was an asshole. I mean, take the words of the song. "Tonight, I won't be alone, but know that won't mean I'm not lonely"? "Some blonde gave me nightmares, I think that she's still in my bed"? "When you close your eyes, know Ill be thinking about you, while my mistress she calls me, to stand in her spotlight again"? So then DON'T FUCK HER, JON. It's very easy. If you're horny, go do the woman you're singing about in the first place, who you want to lay down in a bed of roses (thorns removed, I'm assuming). No wonder you have to sing sad songs about her.

> Lest You Think I've Become A Sad Bitter Old Lady: There are quite a few things to rejoice about this month. For one thing, my car is here! And it is awesome, even though I keep getting lost, I now know my way to at least two spots in town, and some bits of the suburbs. And it's FUN, zipping around, in air conditioned transport--though I only drive at night, because Bombay traffic in the daytime is more than I can take. Ooh, and there are some sexy boys and that's always fun. And there are friends in town from Delhi, and happy reunions, and I'm having a party tomorrow night, which should also be very drunken. And I have a sunwarmed kitten rumbling purrs around my ankles. (He is now fucking HUGE. I think his dad was like a puma or something.)

> Linkslutting my way to the future: Check out this website. It's like the lowdown TRUTH on relationships. So awesome. Go read it. (I got it off Zigzackly's other blog.)

(This is my non-disclaimer disclaimer saying that I'm tired of being all pc, and if you don't like what you read go whine to someone else, because it's MY blog and I can do what I want. Oh, but before you go, say hello to my finger!)

(And don't tell me Worldspace doesn't have this whole huge gay conspiracy going. Now they're playing Justin Timberlake.)


  1. some blogs ago u were contemplating trying out a same-sex experience and now u sound so against gay-giri. let them be eM.

    word verification: hpjjng !!

    looked like a shortened 'happening' to me.

  2. haan, this is true.
    not against the gay people. just making a joke. ha.. ha? no?

  3. I was at the dentist office the other day and they had some weepy radio station which played November Rain. Is that the longest song in the history of music?? The first 6 minutes are OK but right about minute 43 I wished I had cavities so the sound of the drill would drown out the damn song.

  4. your evil-martian homosexual theory is so out there...but i suspect even the I&B ministry has been taken over by them!

  5. Hey, have two words for you... crab people!!!
    For those of you who don't get it, South Park... the crab people take over a tv station and are behind queer eye for a straight guy and turn all the men metrosexual, so they can't defend themselves from the crab people overtaking the world... But then the women step in, I think... Oh crap, I forgot the episode... I'll have to watch it again...

  6. Theres this whole lane somewhere near Lokhandwala in Andheri West where apparently you can get excellent furniture (both second hand and new) at throwaway prices.

    I have a friend who swears by the stuff he got there - like a solid teak table that 4 of us once sat on in an overcrowded party.

    Or else you could go to the cluster of carpentary shops at Mahim on the main road - the guys there specialise in furniture and are pretty good and cheap too.

  7. that was hilarious as usual!!!
    love it.
    and hey! how many times have you shook your booty to sexy back?
    justin's hot! or maybe it was just cameron...

  8. Hey, leave Justin alone... he is bringing sexy back! Some of these shit songs are on my guilty pleasures list (so guilty in fact that I'm ashamed to leave my name here) Not 'Two Become One' though... thats just BAD! Even I have my guilty standard.

  9. I’m clueless about Worldspace catalogue.

    SPICE GIRLS,GnR, Mayer, etc playing on some "campus/college rock" station?! Man, then what do they play on their regular (or should I say corporate rock) station?

  10. have you watched Alpha Dog? Justin Timerlake is a wuss!

  11. I like your new nasty mode. SO much better than when you hover on the edge of PC.

    And do NOT listen to anything after 1985. It helps.


  12. Thanks for the link to Relationshit...interesting...:)

    Also, how about a recent pic of TC...

  13. (just lost the long comment! retyping..:()

    Easy there, lady - I can see a HUGE difference between "Here's THE advice from my mom" post last week to "I hate baby blue and gay people and mushy music and lack of furniture shops and Bon Jovi and Justin and ..." post.
    Whatever's ticking you off, calm down and have mercy on us!

  14. how long are you in delhi for? and what's the occasion?

  15. Sweet Child of mine is really a sweet song. I used to keep it as my alarm clock while I was in college. Unfortunately, I liked it so much and was so happy that once the song was over, I would happily go back to sleep and miss some more classes!
    November Rain might be the longest song (haven't heard longer than that). The final 3-4 minutes probably has the best Slash could have offered! But then I like GnR.
    When quite drunk, you might give a go on Nirvana (especially the unplugged version). Though I am a teetotaler, I enjoyed getting high on the music!


    PS: powercuts expected in mumbai suburbs (15-20 mins) in summer.

  16. i came here looking for a post on your male harem!

  17. yes abhinav, that's pretty much how we all felt at eighteen.

  18. Ha!
    Now that was fun!
    I hope you plan to write a lot more like this one.

    its good to finally see the hidden attitudes of eM finding an out! Freedom!!! good for you, and congrats on the new gaddi.


  19. oh and by the way, loved your take on the spice girls, bon jovi and timberlake!
    the sheer sarcasm felt so good.

  20. hahaha! brilliant! funny as usual!

  21. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  22. If you dislike Mumbai so much, WHY DO YOU PEOPLE COME HERE AND RUIN IT? Go back and stop leeching freebies off our city! Also, do you know why women from Delhi are usually single in Mumbai? Because women here are literate and civil, not inane and uncouth.

  23. why am I in a handbasket and where am I going again?
    You definitely need to listen to Alexis on Fire and Billy Talent and I am hoping you have heard of my next door neighbor Nelly Furtado

  24. loved the "say goodbye to the finger bit"!!! i looked at my own blog after reading yours and i was like....dude..relax a bit. take a deep breath..or two.

    mumbai gains delhi looses..again. :-)

  25. this may not really be relevant, but you must listen to Paul Gilbert's version of "2 become 1" where he segues into the solo from Stairway to Heaven and Sweet Leaf by Black Sabbath. It's excellent. Paul Gilbert is a genius. Also check out . He's funny as hell.

  26. Well...
    It ain't a love song...
    It's a song how bon jovi felt at that point of time his hardships etc.

    e.g. -
    The first verse reflects what Jon was feeling when he was trying to write this. He was badly hung over from the night before, but had a piano in his hotel room and was determined to write something.
    In the line, "While my mistress she calls me to stand in her spotlight again," the "mistress" is the music industry and the live stage. The "spotlight" is the media. He calls music his "mistress" to show that it's a thrill, but something that perhaps isn't going to do him any good.

    The blonde..
    who gave him nightmares, who he thinks is still in his bed is actually not a woman but his favourite " Vintage blonde stratocaster guitar" of the time.
    explaining his time he had spent writing on the guitar...

    Heck... Even I though it was a god damn love song in my college days...


  27. Isn't pink oh so gay?
    Hint hint: Pink Triangle.


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