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15 September 2007


I know, I know. My poetry isn't exactly Elizabeth Barrett Browning. But, I really like this one! And it's so appropriate! And my life is very fun right now, but full of very intimate personal details that I simply can't write about. Therefore, may I present Raising A Toast?

Pick a girl, any girl,

The game began,

Over beer,

And drawn into it,

He stammered through,

Foam-wet lips, his once

Desire, before heartbreak,

And growing up and PFs,

Before car installations,

And kid’s names, before

Commuting and down payments,

Before worry became WORRY,

And stress was for old people,

Before health was an issue and

Cigarettes were just smoke, before

It all just became so damn complicated,

And dating was going around and a relationship

Was what you had with your parents or

That old aunt you saw every now and then,

There was a girl and he liked her,

Very, very much, not for

Her childbearing hips or her salary

Or the fact that she liked the Beatles too, or

That they seemed compatible in any way,

Compatible wasn’t even in the dictionary then,

He said, smiling now, but I liked her because

She blew the biggest bubbles ever with

Her bubblegum.

Thank you, you're all most kind.


  1. no re. no. prose for you. and me, to be honest.

    we must leave the poetry up to the depressed bloggers. :D

    and tickets!! woman!! tickets!! book. NOW.

  2. but i have nothing to write about that won't be super revealing, she wailed sadly.
    and dude. i'm down to THREE THOUSAND RUPEES for the REST OF THE MONTH. i shudder when i walk past ATMs. suddenly those engineers my grandmother used to dangle in front of me with terrible dressing style and bad teeth are beginning to look really good.

    (everybody else: i kid, i kid. i'm all about the self sufficiency)

  3. it's the thought that counts :) and the bubble bursts?

  4. I like.

    And I am glad I am still in the phase where most things are easy, and where worry is still not WORRY.

    Although for you, I feel sad.

    Also, very nice blog. Read through some from the archives as well.

  5. pheeeweeq.. seeti for the attempt

    word verfication: xfhxsqjc!!!

    - bricks

  6. recyclable coz....the bubble and the gum just takes many new forms...essentially the same feeling :)))

    @em: you DO sound very happy...great!

  7. Nice! :-) How's the book coming along?

  8. i like! it be very awww-worthy! :)

  9. now, truer words i have heard not. in a while. kudos!
    you've just summed up the misery of these present times so well.
    cheers! to the way you articulate. to how you manage to prick, at just the right spot, at the perfect time.

  10. That's like Hemingway being a poet.

    friggin' word verification.

  11. Maybe it's just me, but childbearing hips are NOT an attractive feature.
    Which is somewhat surprising, given evolutionary theory, etc...

  12. hi there

    hi im suffering from sleep loss without any reason. as i have consulted the doc he says im health wise very fit..but the thing is i get depressed nowadays very easily..plss help me for this..



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