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27 December 2007

Goodbye, 2007, who could hang a name on you?

Oh, come on. You didn't think I was going to leave you without a year-end recap, did you? Even if it DOES mean posting more than once a week, it's a special time of the year and it's been one hell of a year, actually.

If you're just tuning in, the links to the other three year-end posts are here, here and here. This year, we're shaking it up a little and doing proper accounts, so the year isn't just events, it's how those events have affected my life. (Ooooooooooooooh, fancy, right?)


Well, duh, I moved to Bombay.

And then there was tc--the only steady male in my life. (And in tc's life, the discovery that he is a boy)

I got my hair coloured. (Hey, it was a big deal at the time)

The blog turned three.

We made it to six months.

Leela gets hitched!

I have new flatmates.

I turn 26.


How to commute.

How to get to Daman.

How to get rid of weird men who try to pick you up at bars.

How to fall sick several times a year.

How to use Craigslist on a slow blogging day.

How to fight loneliness.

How to write posts about blow jobs and realise that Indian men might, in fact, be better lovers than Indian women.

How to check your American flatmate into a hospital.

How to survive a gynaecological exam. (My cervix still cringes)

How to write to anon trolls.

I've learnt also other not so concrete things, like how to make new close friends and how to dance without caring about what other people think and how to *ahem* make what I call the eMpolitan, a pink concoction I devised last night at Kalyan's party. I was trying to amuse myself by putting lots of alcohol and various juices into the blender and ta-dah, a drink was born. I even had requests for second and third servings.


I had a second date.

There were moments where I considered changing my sexuality.

I had a nonboyfriend, in a committed fling. (Sighhhhhhhh. That memory still makes me wistful)

I tryst with exboyfriends in my dreams.

Almost, I meet someone new.

I discover dating, with a capital D. ATING.

I meet Volt.

We finish.

I developed many random crushes on and off during this year, which were great fun, just for the heart flutters and the putting on perfume for someone else. Sadly, none of them actually went anywhere. I'm still too chicken, even at this grand old age to make the first move. But they were fun while they lasted. Right now? I'm footloose and fancy free, which means if I decide to have a torrid beach romance in Goa for the four days I am there, it should be completely stress free. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


THE Telegraph UK article. (I don't have links to the rest of the stories, but this is the one that sparked the rest off.)

Over the next couple of months, since it came out there have been a bunch of other articles and blog posts, some nice, some not so much. It's been an interesting experience though. I won't say entirely fun, but interesting.


Who I miss most when I'm in Delhi. I have to keep reminding myself not to call, that there's no point in calling, that there will never be the hanging out, the chilling, the intimacies. God, 2007 was a random year. So random, so senseless. If this is character building, these heartaches, I'd rather stay characterless.


This year I will be good. (Well, not SO good that I'm boring, but I will try and avoid being bad.)

This year I will keep account of my finances.

This year I will learn at least three new things--like politics and French and playing the guitar. Something.

This year I will join a gym and get in shape.

This year I will save up and go on at least one foreign holiday.

Off I go now, to more festivities. I'll see you next year.


  1. Sydney? ;) Else SurlyGirl might come and beat you up or something..hehe.

    And drum classes :D

    Oh. And happy new case networks are jammed (which they will be, and i'm still on vadafone)

  2. I can send you a handy little excel file that I use to keep my monthly accounts, if you like. Self-totaling columns, customisable expense categories (Lunch, Dinner, Fags, Drinking etc), space for one-time expenses and bank withdrawals...

  3. happy new year, eM.

    See you on the other side of the year.

    p.s.: wht is surly's new blog? (are u listening surly?)

  4. You probably enjoy reading

    don't you?

  5. Send perakath! The crappy excel sheet I'm using right now claims I have a few grand left in my bank A/c, which is in violent disagreement with the NIL Balance slip spewed out by the ATM!

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. hello , wish u a great happy, name Anamika, one reader or ur blog. a keralite. hope to communicate with you id
    i like your stream of thoughts verymuch.many times i felt like myself mingling with your pulses...bye

  8. So glad you came back to say Happy New Year!

  9. i read ur commuting post today! quite amusing in its own right.

    i recall when i had come to mumbai around 3 years back. one of my friends specifically asked me the process to get a ladies first class ticket.

    happy new year and have a blast

  10. hey a nice recap of the events. btw happy new year

  11. Whoa. You could be my dating life doppelganger. Err..I think.

  12. lolz yaar, too gud. i never understand how to get a flat in mumbai, less as to how to get an american flatmate :P
    chalo atleast ur gettin ur share of dates


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