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14 January 2008

Mark your calendars!

This is going to be a teeny tiny post--more like a postette---just to say that if you watch NDTV tonight, at eight pm (We The People) to be exact, you MIGHT just notice, um, me.

It's been most exciting and I will, of course, tell you the whole stoy when I get back. I'm in Delhi now and my mother is super excited about television debut type things, so she's been telling people all day. I'm half embarrassed and half really pleased.

Anyway, my net is really slow here, so I'm going to go. Remember the camera adds ten pounds though, when you're watching. :)


  1. heehee. i just saw! i had to go online and look up a podcast, but so fun! i was all sitting here, telling my flatmates, "there, see, my friend!"


  2. hey, u look so nervous....u do!!..;)watching the show and commentin' in here ... it begun with the CC! awesome...nice to seeya MMR! :)

  3. I've been a silent visitor, but I thought I'd let you know, I saw you on TV!

    Keep writing!!


  4. Hah! This is a first: Saw you on TV and traced you back to here. You're fay-muss, girl! :0)

  5. I'm getting back to blogging seriously now! On TV too, and colour coded to match your blog!
    First time here for me. See you around!

  6. i saw you in ndtv we the people. Congrats!! Share your experience.

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  8. Hi just saw We the people and here I am. Hey I dont think was fair on you with Barkha reading that extract - must have surprised a few including your mom?!


    ps - the positive part is you have become fanous and will have many more hits (me as an example)!!

  9. Heya! That's weird...Just saw you on We the People, and thought I'd be the first to come and report. :( But people got here first.

    I'm a regular here, though. :) Recognised you without people having to display your name! :D


  10. Oh and yeah...Could you paste a link or something to the whole show? I rummaged through the NDTV website but didn't find it. :( Missed like 45 mins of the thing. Thankee!

  11. I just saw you on NDTV and decided to check out your blog. Nice blog you have here.

  12. Hi! Saw you on TV and got curious. Read your blog, and was fascinated. I think I will become a regular visitor now on.
    And you did not look fat. You looked cute.
    take care.

  13. Got here thro' Suraksha's blog. Saw the show. Maybe you should just enable comment moderation (though am against it) if you are unhappy with the number of trolls your blog seems to attract.

    Or probably just shift to wordpress (it allows you to import all your blogger posts, comments and labels with one click) since it allows better spam/troll control than blogger.

  14. cool for you..

    Although the topics had been covered ad nauseum by Barkha earlier on We the People..

    I think print journalists are basically insecure and scared and jealous that someone like you can get a book contract. It shakes their whole perception of how things 'ought' to be :-)

  15. Hey! Sorry missed We the People, did'nt realise you were going to be on it. Traced your blog on friday through an ET article!!!

    Just a question, I know you are famous now, but how have you been geenrating all the eye balls all this while?

  16. I didn't know about you till I watched We the People. Read a couple of your blogs, nice !
    Will surely visit your blog regularly.

  17. I happened to catch the show on NDTV! I just wanted to say you were awesome! I love the sarcasm(the troll post!). My own blog is nothing much but drawing inspiration from you, I will try to blog more in the future! :)
    Oh and you proved that people can become famous even while being 'virtually' jobless, that is something I've been dying for! (i hate to work hard)
    Anyway rock on!

  18. I see you dint stir the NDTV audience or viewers with your familiarity and understanding of the blog-world (moreover, there was no need to coz of the redundancy of the discussion and topic), but you did create a ripple among the viewers with your charming and amiable smile. :)

    Now why do I say that topic was redundant? –

    1)You regulate something (I mean govt. control) which is having an enormous social influence (mainly negative). While Blogging in India, as if now, is a far-cry from having any social impact, be it positive or negative. So it is highly farcical to even think of regulating something as innocuous as blog, while the monstrous TV channels (esp. insipid Hindi news channels) continue to perpetuate at times an inappropriate and unacceptable message.

    2)More importantly, every system has a self-regulatory mechanism, which I think is very much active in blogging. So another reason why blog-world doesn’t warrant an external regulation.

    Em, you know what, whenever I get time I do follow “We The People” but most of the times I get disillusioned by all the discussion (even at times on blog). I mean, I find the show a tad elitist. The intellectuals and politicians come to the show- make impertinent points (sometimes pertinent too), throw meaningless verbal volleys at each other, be dogmatic to the verge of making you cringe, and in the end applause and go back home. While nothing concrete comes out of the whole goddamn discussion. The point I’m trying to make is that these discussions should reach the grass root levels to have any impact socially, while on the contrary these end up in the mausoleum called the NDTV studio. I don’t know, maybe I’m being overly critical; maybe this is the way shows are run in the age of TRP ratings.

  19. You are so cute(too)..& ...awesome

    Keep writing.

  20. what is this commotion regarding the control, checks and aotocensorship? What has the grand Indian culture to do with the inherent right to write what we wish to right?


  21. I saw the program and though I didnt check your blog before,googling "Compulsive Confessor" is the first thing on my task list today.I'll make up the time and read ALL your blogs soon.
    I thought the program was too vague.I am sure all your blogs wouldnt be about smoking and sex!

    Anyway cheers and happy blogging ;-)
    ---Sri.....A neo blogger

  22. Hey,

    You looked soo sooo cute.. and looks not more than shwweeet 18..( u 26..impossible) This is no glib talk. ...You look so cute and good. Impossible to imagine that this was the Em I ve been 'troll' ing on.

    wanna say more ..dont think this is the best place.

    If you mail to there will be a reply

  23. Me thinks you"re in Mortal danger now that the trolls have a name to put to the face:-)

  24. Yep... landed there just in time after a lot of channel surfing. I had read your blog a fortnight ago. Somehow, I felt the debate yesterday lacked intensity.What was your experience?

  25. good job eM and here's the link in for your other fans :)

  26. Hi
    So ...i saw u ..
    I first got to know about u from a mag .
    Then read all the things u wrote in ur blog
    Thot u would be like the ol Arundhathi Roy in some old movie she acted in
    I guess its name is " In which annie gives it to those ones "
    But u are different
    U bit ur nail .
    was insecure
    didnt enjoy being in the limelight
    did try to just downplay the whole thing
    It also appeared that u wanted to just shy off from all that u just wrote in the blog .

    I can write a critique of what i thot about u ...It might turn out to be judgemental .
    Anyways ..
    Its nice ....really cool infact ... a person like u , as flamboyant as anyone u will get to know in the blogosphere, but susceptible and vulnerable looking in real life ...

    why do i think that u really are insecure deep down ...

    i am thinkin ..

  27. hi there . back again

    forgot to leave my email id

  28. I have visited your blog once or twice prior but after seeing you on We The People show on NDTV, decided to visit it quite often. You were awesome.

  29. good afternoon!
    when the programme started last night, I said to myself what are the chances of you being there and was pleasently surprised to actually have you as a part of the speak well too!

    why did you decide to it anyways?..was the lure of tv to good to keep your anonymity?

  30. LoL. I saw you. It was like, they show your blog's name below your face and I'm like, "Hold on. I have been to this blog!!".
    Nice job, BTW.

  31. Interesting…..inspiring ...watching you all bloggers on ndtv... you sit clam there but your blog depict a volcano inside you…..
    Do visit it raw…..only one moth old….and I value your tips...suggestion

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. i have been a regular visitor of your blog but just had been a silent spectator. I didnt see this post until i saw We the People .Moreover i started watching this program after your introduction was over . But i did recognize you. I was telling my friend who also reads your blog that this is eM..Good work and Congratulations

  34. Just curious: Do you have a job? If yes, what?

  35. Will try to catch up on the video stream.
    Thx, mad momma.

  36. Hi. started reading your blog only a few days back.
    For some reason (could it be the goa posts?) I thought of you as a brazen punk who writes well and well, look what you turned out to be- a paavam looking girl who writes so well!
    Don't care much about the sex posts-loved the ones which you've tagged funny yourself :) Keep writing. Hehe, didnt you hear the psychologist on the show say it was "re-affirming" and all that?
    Mad Momma- thanks for the link!

  37. Hi I saw u on ndtv ,this is my first time am posting a comment on a blog....... whats ur blog about.

  38. A recorded version on youTube would help poor NRIs like me to watch you in action!

  39. Nice! just saw it online- how did it feel with all those questions being shot at you?? (I know if it were me I'd just stare and stare at the question gun and show off my fainting skills or smtg! ;) )

    ps: also, I liked the part where this other blogger guy said smtg like 'whats wrong with being famous anyway? ' :P

  40. well.. someone upload the video in youtube please!!

  41. i saw u 2! i wanted to check out dat ms (or mrs?) bose (or basu?) blog too, but they've apparently taken it down. it wuz fun, i dint catch da entire episode (wwe & malcolm in the middle :P) but i wanted to check it out.
    it's been like 3 hrs since da show is finished & i already dont remember ur face :-|

    i thought da debate wuz rather amusing. they were talkin bout censorsin blogz! HAHAHAHA!!

  42. wooo so many comments! lol i'll pay every1 who gets a reply from u on their e-mailz lolz :D

  43. i thaw! i thaw! i thaw a puddy tat!

    :) so young you looked. and muchly like barkha dutt's breakfast.

  44. hello,
    been reading your blog for more than 2 years now, haven't made a single comment!
    i think you were great on the show, I'd have been scared stiff sitting in a studio with so many people staring at you and listening to every word you're saying. not to mention the judgments that will be passed after the show! i wouldn't have gone at all :) well done!

  45. Didnt wanna get up on a saturday morning at 9 to catch it live on NDTV, but caught it online thnx to the archival link!


  46. i saw u on ndtv ..n tht s how i reached ur blog ..first timer ..but i think i will visit u often..

  47. I have to admit I started watching the show because I wanted to see what you looked like but I ended up watching the whole thing simply because it was so painfully mediocre.
    Not you or the other bloggers but as someone else here said: the fear of some mainstream journalists of any new medium. That whole show was a testament to blogs exist at all. Because journalism has become so mediocre and catering to mass taste. It's typical that while they belittle the 'sex and the city' angle, it is exactly the one they choose to highlight. They hadn't got a single person there from a political or social blog and read those comments. When reading from the blog of the guy who writes in Hindi, she even said she didn't know if he writes in Hindi or English. How sloppy is that? I'm a journalist myself and always amazed when I see people who must have been the bright young lights at some point but are now so full of themselves, they don't push their boundaries.
    And the topic itself was so contrived 'should blogs be regulated'. There is no move to regulate it to spark off that kind of question except poor Barkha got tartetted by some rumours and took it personally. The sad thing is that there will probably be some misguided politician will take it up as cause and then maybe there will be regulation.
    I think you did you a good job of not saying the kind of stuff she was hoping you would say.

  48. Ugh... just reread my rant and it was full of typos. I guess as a journalist, this is something I've been thinking about for a while.

  49. For all the whiners, it's online at NDTVs website.

  50. hey,saw u on tv!!..n checked ur blog out..
    kewl one!!keep writing...


  51. Hie!!! saw u on gald i follow ur blog regularly! way to go gurl! :)

  52. Didn't watch the episode, but did see some parts of it on the NTDV site last night. And, OMG!!! is all I can say! WHAT is up with the research, or the lack of it?!

    Anyway, if you're still in town this Sunday...

  53. can someone please upload it on youtube...for some reason i cant view it on the NDTV site.. gives me a an error when i am trying to play it...

    Nice blog been following it since july last yr..

  54. Nice work eM, although you needn't have been so nervous. That's what surprised me, since you've worked with a magazine and all.

    I guess this means there'll be that much more pressure on you to maintain your standard. Good luck!

  55. saw you on ndtv. you are cute

  56. This comment has been removed by the author.

  57. hi, I saw you on the show. And you were pretty cool. I used to write blogs on MS but left coz I didn't get the time once I started working (sigh!) but after watchin the show I'm startin again. thanx for the inspiration, at least for being a part of it. thanx :)

  58. girl, u featured on Economic Times back page.. good going

  59. love reading your blog
    how do we living on the other side get to see it, has anyone uploaded it on the web?


  60. Hey! Ditto. I missed it.Sucks!
    Your blog is something else, though. I'm sure everyone's told you that:)
    A LOT of people are inspired! Me included! (but of course:))
    Just goes to show, You really can make a difference! Happy blogging and keep writing!
    Way to go, really. A lot of bloggers are smiling, because they might be seen very differently now.
    Ahh...girl POWER!!!

  61. Three and a half years of blogging.. three and a half years of getting nicey-nicey comments..three and a half years of rampaging through the trolls..and now u get to be with BARKHA DUTT! Lucky girl!!

    watched the show..everyone said the same thing(well, more or less).. but u rocked!
    BTW ..u look so innocent n cute n surprised to knw u cud write such stuff! Those camera-pounds were not too hard on my eyes..u look good, lady!

  62. eM-
    i was going to write you because i saw a pre-review of sorts of your upcoming book in a magazine recently. i of course did not realise about the NDTV show, and missed it. but its great! a TV thing and the book coming up! many congratulations to you. I am looking forward to your book!

    PS: I tried to find the video thing but Siddhu kept popping up. AAARG. Save me!!!

  63. hi EM! I understand and respect the thrill and excitement you had!But what is there to bla bla bla on it??? I don't think it will excite your readers!!!!

  64. I had heard about you from "Vanita" malayalam magazine. Now I am a regular isitor of your blog. Your photos posted in Vanita is very cute. I am a Malayalee from Trivandrum, Kerala. Pls given your e-mail id. I am 28/M/Delhi.


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