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29 June 2010

eM watches the World Cup


From: Rudyard

To: eM

Hi! How are you? Fancy watching the football at mine with a bunch of Brits? Promise a sociologically interesting evening---and to keep the hooliganism in check.


From: eM

To: Rudyard

Sounds fun! Not a big football fan but all about the sociology.


Hmmm. I wonder who’s playing. Let me call Football Savvy Friend.


Oh, Germany and England. What fun.


Right. Assuming everyone in the room is supporting England, am going to make a completely arbitrary decision and pick Germany.


Methods I Use To Determine Which Team I Support:

1) Which team has better looking players.

2) Which team has a national product I really love (eg: picked Mexico because of the TEQUILA!)

3) Which team looks sadder about losing.

4) Which team has better looking players. (I’m an equal opportunist like that.)


Rudyard’s house is full of people all sitting and staring at the television. I assumed it was going to be a football party, you know, with football on in the background and people talking and mingling but not really paying attention.


Football Savvy friend and I are ushered to our seats. He is given a Place Of Honour in the thick of things, I am exiled to a chair by the side. All the better for me to send messages from and update my Foursquare.


Football Savvy Friend is also supporting Germany, but not letting on, seeing as he is surrounded by English people who are taking this match rather, um, personally.


They changed colours again! What’s with you, World Cup? Out of all the BILLIONS of colours out there, you can’t stick to one for one country?


I’m so confused. I think the red guys are Germany, but the room is very excited whenever they get the ball. I try to lean over and ask, but no one is paying attention to me.


Go Red Guys! Wait, there’s a GREEN guy! And a YELLOW guy? And one in BLUE! I will never figure this game out.


From: eM

To: Ira

Jesus, I don’t think I can take it. I don’t even know which colour is whose. Although I think Germany just scored judging by the reactions here.


Hmmm. Maybe will go smoke cigarette in the balcony to make time pass faster.


Someone very kindly (albeit impatiently) explained that Germany is the white team. Go white team!


Half time! I can has mingling? Oh no, everyone looks too sad.


Lalalala.. will make Bloody Marys instead. (Secret Cocktail Tip: Use tomato puree watered down with water, much less sweet, and less expensive than tomato juice.)


Oooh, this is a good Mary.


From: eM

To: Ira

I got vodka, it got a lot more interesting. Footballers have nice bottoms.


EUREKA! ALCOHOL + SPORTS = FUN! Why does no one else know this? I must tell THE WORLD.


Oh. Everyone already knows. Oh well.


Aww. Look at how happy German dude is because he scored.


Look at me, totally supporting the winning team. HAH! IN YOUR FACE! I AM THE FOOTBALL TEAM CHOOSING CHAMPION!


Err. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that last bit out loud.


Yay! My team won! My team never wins.


OH. MY. GOD. They are taking off their shirts!


Mmmm. Footballers. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.






Okay, I’m going to go get drunk now.


  1. Haha...yeah. Sports you don't fully comprehend are always more digestible after a few drinks!!

  2. Hahahaha! That was one of your funniest posts ever! I used to feel that way about football until I started watching it with someone who had the patience to explain things to me. After that, it became rather fun. But yes, I do think shirts off at the end of the game should be a rule

  3. Hilarious! This reminded me of myself watching sports. It usually takes me to the end of the game to figure out which team is which, and mostly I'm paying attention to how the players look in their uniforms.

  4. HAHAHA that's EXACTLY how I am about football or any sport for that matter! When I finally got the hang of it (sort of) I moved to the US and now I have to re-learn everything because football here is a completely different thing :(

    Oh and never tell football/sports followers "Why don't you record the match so that we can go out now?" Apparently you can only watch matches live.

  5. Footballers have nice bottoms, so inviting at times. And they look better with their shirts off, moreso the tanned ones

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  7. What a post! I wish I could post like you. Nice gud job! :).

  8. This is great. I have always enjoyed football, however this year I have been screwing around with this hot guy from Barcelona who is in town on fellowship. This has provided alot of passionate football watching and post game celebrating. Did I mention he is hot? Yes, a great "bottom" and thanks to his love of playing sports... the rest of him is good too! ;)

    Dating someone who is a foreigner and whose team is advancing during the world cup is the advisable way to watch the matches! :)

    Love your blog, thanks much.

    Student Driver

  9. I agree with you on EVERYTHING. I have some fun stories abt football as well. Lets discuss them over coffee sometime.


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