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20 September 2012

Gratuitous puppy and kitteh pictures, and now you can take them home

Just about to lick my butt, but I'm still adorable.
(This is the first of what I'm planning to make a regular series on shelter pets. I can't do much else, but hopefully, this will help?)

This is Professor Fuzzipants. I'm not sure whether she's a girl or a boy, but she looks a bit like a girl, so I'm just going to say 'girl'. She's fuzzy. LOOK AT THAT FACE. She has two brothers and one sister, mostly marmalade like her, but also grey tabbies. Getting a cat was the best decision I ever made, and it was on impulse too. To adopt the Professor, call Niraj 9818340571.
I'm totally manipulating you with my powers of manipulation, foolish human.

This is Dog. I'm calling him Dog because I believe if he could talk he'd sound just like Dog from Up. Dog looks like he's going to be small, and Dog also looks like he could get you to give him your last cookie. Or walk him at two in the morning. Or whatever the hell he wants, really. Oh well, you need to diet and exercise anyway. To adopt Dog, call 9818201987.

Champ looks like he'll always be a "good boy".
This is Champ. He looks like the kind of dog you'd get for your kid. In your lawn. With a ball. But in case you have no kids, Champ would be a good dog for the single girl because he is very handsome, but also part Lab, so a good watchdog and very trustworthy. Champ would be a good dog for the single guy, because, let's face it, he's more handsome than you. Or me. Or anyone. To adopt Champ, call 9958377803.

Little did she know I was rubbing her belly with a toilet brush. Muahahaha

And this is Helen. As in Keller. Helen is blind, and it's very sad, but Helen is perfectly healthy in all other ways. I read this one story by James Herriot about a guy with a blind dog and the dog was as happy as before. Stick Helen to a walking path she knows, don't move the furniture too much and you and she can have a long and happy relationship together. The first time a dog gets a seeing-eye human? To adopt Helen, call 9873013034.

PS 1: Special thanks to my friend, Supriya for all the puppy/kitten information.

PS 2: Yes, I will post pictures of the animal you need to find a home for, email me at thecompulsiveconfessorATgmailDOTcom

PS3: I will NOT now or ever post a picture of an animal you are abandoning, because you are a horrible person.

PS4: I've also taken the liberty of renaming all these puppies (plus the kitten) because I liked the names I thought of better. It's your dog though, so feel free to re-rename them something that you like. Although, if I might say so, I think my names are very good names, so if you'd like MORE help, email me and we'll think of something.


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