18 October 2012

A dog with issues and a cat named Monochrome

Those are really ugly shoes, bro.
Vital stats:
Name: Tonks (aka Atom by shelter, I prefer Tonks.)
Age: 4 months, aww, he's just a baby.
Plus points: Leash trained, disease free, AWESOME.
Minus points: A rather long nose. It's okay, Tonks, we can't all be beautiful.
And other things: He's a boy and he's Indian or street bred, which means he'll be super hardy. Plus, despite my dig about his nose, quite a handsome champ. ADOPT TONKS, CALL 9818201987.
Dirt tastes like earth, thought Hagrid, swiftly followed by OOH I MADE A POEM

This is Hagrid. Hagrid has... issues.Okay, I'll be straight with you. Hagrid is a returnee. He was at the shelter, rescued from breeders and someone took him home and gave him back. They said it was because Hagrid kept attacking their older Lab, but he's just a speciest! He loves humans, all kinds, big and little.
Hagrid is a Bull Mastiff.  If you're reading that Wikipedia article allow me to highlight one bit for you: They're very quiet and rarely bark.
Ladies and gentlemen: ninja dog.
ADOPT HAGRID (but as an only dog, he's not great with sharing, I feel you, kid) CALL 9818201987.

He dreamt in vivid technicolour, however
This is Monochrome. Get it, get it? It's because he's black and white. And so I put a black and white filter on his photo! Yay! I'm so clever! You can be clever too: all you need is a cat, and here's a perfectly good one. It's scientifically proven that people with cats are 75.6% smarter than people without. They're not CRAZY cat ladies, they're GENIUS cat ladies. Mono also has a sister who's brown and white and so I'm calling her.. wait for it.. Sepia. Oh, I crack myself up. ADOPT MONOCHROME CALL 011-28539921.
Thank you to Friendicoes and Red Paws Rescue for the animal information and photographs! The usual wittering: yes, I'll post your pictures + animal for adoption (email me!), no, please don't ask me to help rehome your poor abandoned animal (no one asked you to get a pet in the first place) and OBVS I'll be happy to name your pet for you. For free.


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  2. You could try asos.com or Pernia's Pop-Up Shop? Although this is a strange post to put that comment on!


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