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28 April 2014

In Which Kevin Spacey Calls Us Thieves

Man, how much do I love House of Cards?


Anyway, so old Kevin Spacey was the star attraction of the India International Film Festival (because, why not?) held in Tampa, Florida (I saw a sign in Bombay for it that said, "The India International Film Festival! Now in America!") and he looks like he was wearing a lungi? Why oh why Kevin?

(Woah, right? I can't stop watching it.)

In an AFP story in Firstpost, Mr Spacey was all:

House of Cards is really big in India, I discovered," Spacey told reporters late Saturday as he walked the ceremonial carpet into the packed stadium. "Except isn't it funny that Netflix doesn't exist there yet. Which means that you're stealing it," he said.
WELL EXCUSE US FOR TRYING TO WATCH GOOD TELEVISION, KEVIN!! Actually, a lot of people I know buy or rent movies or TV shows on iTunes if they can (they need a US credit card because iTunes here doesn't allow it, and so WHAT are the rest of us supposed to do? If only all the people who supplied TV would realize there is an enormous market for American television here in India, we'd all be very happy.) (Also Star World is really picking up its game now, I hear.)

Anyhow, despite the fact that Kevin hates us, we still love him. 

And how amazing is Claire Underwood aka Robin Wright aka PRINCESS BUTTERCUP OMG IS YOUR MIND BLOWN BECAUSE MINE IS


  1. Both you and Kevin Spacey are wrong. House of Cards is available on Zee Cafe (censored beyond recognition of course, but available legally).

  2. Also, you can buy and rent movies with an Indian credit card as well on iTunes for Indian users as well now. And download music. This has been on for at least a year now

  3. Hah. Well, shows how much I know. :)

  4. Actually wait, I'm looking at the iTunes store now, I can see films, but I can't see any TV shows. Also that censored garbage is ridiculous, may as well wait for the show to be released on Bluray or something.

  5. Indian cerdit cards work just fine, since the iTunes India store opened up 6 odd months ago. You can buy/rent movies, music, books.. its awesome!


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