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5 December 2014

What I've Been Reading: Book Recommendations From My Viber Public Chats

For the last couple of weeks I've been using Viber's new public chat service to talk about what I've been reading and what I love. It's kinda cool to have a dedicated social media platform to JUST books, because while I have a Twitter (and a Facebook, and an Instagram and an ello--holy fuck), I talk there about a whole plethora of topics--which is usually mostly cats, but sometimes is other things also. Anyway, Viber's chat rooms are a bit different from your traditional chat rooms in that no one can talk back to you, but if you subscribe, you get updates from your celebrities or actors or pages or whatever right on your chatting platform, which is quite cool. Personally, I'm enjoying playing around with the format, and you should check it out if it sounds like your kind of thing: (from your mobile phone). I don't spam, I promise.

Here are the books I've been raving about so far.

Week One: What I've Been Reading

1) What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty

I'll post more of the chats here on Monday (I've got books I love from India and cat books in honour of TC and next week I'm planning a YA special), but it's best to sign up for real time stuff etc (plus then I can get some vague narcissitic pleasure of seeing my follower count rise. There must be a German word for the satisfaction you feel at watching your social media numbers rise, right?) ANYhow, here's the link again. Let me know what you're reading in the comments.

(I'm still pretty depressed about TC's death, but I need to do or think about something else. I feel like my entire brain has just been soaked in some kind of deep fluid and it's really hard to make thoughts or do anything proactive except basically go to sleep a lot. Cry a little. Make up weird songs. Y'know?)

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