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13 February 2015

I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy

We got Olga da Polga spayed yesterday, which is quite the operation. On top of this, we're fostering an eight-week-old kitten, who began by being called clever things like Benedict Pawmerbatch and Sub-Klaws, and is now just Squishy. Squishy is the world's cutest kitten, but he's also the world's maddest kitten. Between him scratching all the bare skin he can find, Olga sulking in recuperation and Bruno being very condescending about the pair of them, we have a full (CRAZY) house.

Squishy is all black and now I have to go look for him again, because I keep losing him.

Lord Squishton of Squishfell, Sigil: Claws
You should consider fostering, especially if you'd like a pet but travel a lot or whatever. It's easier and less permanent, plus all the fun of a kitten or puppy without them being boring old dogs and cats.

That being said, he is SUCH a Squishy, let's just say my heart wouldn't break if they didn't find a home for him.

Here's a link to the cat group in Delhi I help out with: Everything Meow.

This is a sort of disjointed post, but there are suddenly kittens that need my attention EVERYWHERE. 


  1. That's always my fear with fostering --- giving them up! I think I'd get too attached to them. Oh and the other reason for not fostering --- my two cats would probably kill me for bringing in a third! :P

    Squishy is adorable!!!

  2. Y'know, at first my two cats weren't too thrilled (Squishy is our third foster cat.) But in time, they've become used to all the animals that come and go. Olga growls a little for the first few days, but Bruno's ready to make friends instantly. Introductions are key. :)

  3. Fostering kittens is so much fun! It's a tad difficult to get them used to dogs, though. My dogs are super nosy, and want to sniff the hell out of the poor creature, which ends up being scared by their size. Plus, the kitten gets special room with us on the bed, while the dogs have to make do with their usual seating. There are way too many egos to be massaged ;)


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