7 December 2015

Today in Photo

Sent by a friend at Hyderabad airport. We tried to figure out whether I was number one and decided to say I was, considering otherwise random placement and the word "chart." yay! Also I'm at Bombay airport and got caught in the act of pushing Before, And Then After to a more prominent shelf. Sales guy tried to move it back, I looked pleading and said, "but it's my book!" "your book?" "my book!" "you have written it?" I tried to look less sleepy and more intelligent. So he moved Jhumpa for me and bumped me up a shelf. Then I went off to look for Split (because I'm marketing two books now which is totally not overwhelming or anything). But yay! NUMBER ONE! (In a teeny airport bookstore in Hyderabad, but STILL.) #bookstagram #BeforeAndThenAfter #SplitTheBook

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  1. Got both your new books on Kindle... now I have all of them, yay!


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