8 March 2016

Today in Photo

Moving photo 3: and just like that we are home. It'll take a bit to make this place HOMELY though, but our brand new dining table arrived the same way we did and our Internet access should resume tomorrow, so hey, we're almost there. Ordered lunch from some place that listed "Hitler Pulao" on the menu (sausage pulao apparently) so we're a long way from Nizamuddin. Also I just had my first new conversation about the terrace key remaining only with us and not shared with all the houses (the joys of being on the highest floor) so we begin.

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  1. The joy of living on the highest floor... I can understand. I live on the highest floor in my building and have a dog. Terrace is something I need and very easily got. It's lovely to have extra space all by yourself without paying extra. Isn't it? ;)

  2. What a lovely photograph! Some places have the bones to look great even when their half done. Congratulations!


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