13 December 2016

Today in Photo

What a perfect birthday I had. From the lead up party to the lovely dinner last night and today, at Broadway, a huge well stocked second hand bookstore where I spent a good two hours collecting this pile, and K offered to treat me to them all. Almost hid the Marian Keyes so you wouldn't notice my plebeian tastes, but hey, she's a great writer and I'm now 35, too old to pretend to only read "high literature." now in bed with Charlie Brooker's book of rants, followed by Japanese for dinner. Could a girl ask for more? I think not. #goanway #happybirthdaytome #bookstagram #secondhandbookshops

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday eM! Been reading your blog and books from 25 to 35 - both yours and mine! So can totally relate to a lot of your throwbacks - mostly about books.


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