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"A mesmerizing account of the well-known story of Matsyagandha ... and her transformation from fisherman’s daughter to Satyavati, Santanu’s royal consort and the Mother/Progenitor of the Kuru clan." - Hindustan Times

"Themes of fate, morality and power overlay a subtle and essential feminism to make this lyrical book a must-read. If this is Madhavan’s first book in the Girls from the Mahabharata series, there is much to look forward to in the months to come." - Open Magazine

"A gleeful dollop of Blytonian magic ... Reddy Madhavan is also able to tackle some fairly sensitive subjects such as identity, the love of and karmic ties with parents, adoption, the first sexual encounter, loneliness, and my favourite, feminist rage." - Scroll

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12 May 2018

Today in Photo

Notes on Ronia, the Robber's Daughter 1) in its original Swedish, the book title is Ronja Rövardotter which is much more fun to say. Pippi Longstocking, by the same author is Pippi Långstrump. 2) it's fun when you meet people from around the world and connect with them about children's literature, everyone's face lights up. I've done this a few times and it always breaks the ice. Also in Berlin, where some of K's kids books are, I saw Pippi in German and it was like our childhoods intersected even though we were so far away from each other. 3) this is perhaps the darkest of Astrid Lindgren's book, it's sort of fantasy about a little girl in the woods, who makes friends with the son of the rival robber chieftain, but there are also life threatening things lurking: harpies and grey dwarves. 4) I used to be shy about loving children's literature into my adulthood, but no longer! I love kids books. I often love them more than adult books, especially the fantasy adjacent ones. I will discuss children's literature with you for hours and hours. 5) there's an award winning Swedish Ronia movie which you can bet I'm looking up right now. #bookstagram #mrmbookclub #childrensbookshelf

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