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13 November 2018

Today in Photo

Got into Bangkok super late last night, but not so late that the super famous Thipsamai pad thai stall next door was closed. My rule of thumb when choosing a local place to eat at is to join a queue or a place that looks super busy, not only will it be more hygienic because of the quick turnover, no food sitting around, but also if everyone is in a line, it MUST be good. (only applies to traditional foods not weird cronut mash-up aberrations.) Thipsamai did not disappoint, two pad thais, one wrapped in an egg and they even had an in store cat, completely black but svelter than my own beloved black darling who I will soon be reunited with and be reminded anew about what an asshole he can be. (but I love him anyway.) this is a very long caption, but one more thing: finally beginning my epic travelogue newsletter today, so link in bio to subscribe if you like this sort of thing. #traveldiary #thaigap

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