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7 November 2019

Today in Photo

I already Instagram storied one of these guavas yesterday, but since we're going out of town we picked a whole bushel to carry with us. That's right. We PICKED them. Off our very own guava tree in our very own terrace garden. This is like next level balcony gardening and it's all down to Ram Lal, our excellent and devoted gardener (Seriously, he might love our garden more than I do.) I just swan around like the Countess of Downton Abbey and approve his purchases or plan things of my own and ask him to execute them. The garden is more expensive than the rest of our household, but it's totally worth it, especially at times like these. Wait till next summer when our mango sapling starts to fruit as well. I never thought I'd be THIS into a garden, but it's amazing to be surrounded by green growing things. #terracegarden #eatwhatyougrow #guavatree

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