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13 April 2020

Today in Photo

Betcha didn't think you'd see a #whatiworetoday lockdown edition eh? WELL never say never. As a writer, I work from home normally anyway and my usual uniform has been day pajamas and then night pajamas. But in the good old days when we could go OUTSIDE *sobs* at least I would have a chance to wear some of my nice things a couple of times a week on social occasions. Day pajamas to week pajamas was toooo depressing so I started to dress "like an actual human leaving the house" a few weeks ago. This has mostly skewed towards slutty tank tops and loose pants but today I rummaged and found this which I last took to Goa for a long vacation and so put at the top of my closet to "forget about" till it felt new again. It's one of my original tailor dresses, fabric I bought specially from Jaipur with a contrast panel at the waist. It also zips up with a sash so this is the most constricted my body's felt in WEEKS. I feel pretty though! Plus not all wasted, I have a Zoom book club this evening and my husband thinks I look hot so win win. My smile is a little manic because I have forgotten how to take an outfit photograph. #coronavirusdiaries #alldressedupandnowheretogo

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