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1 November 2020

Today in Photo

Since I wasn't getting to wear Indian festive wear at all this year, I took matters into my own hands and turned a casual Just Us dinner at a friend's into a dress up occasion. Particularly love the pants, brocade churidars which are part of a velvet kurta set I wore to my friend's wedding last year. I loved them so much then I thought to myself that I should use them to mix and match with other outfit choices later. OK so it's not ENTIRELY Indian festive, especially with my peplum top (old faithful from Sarojini Nagar market) but it's MY kind of Indian clothes anyway. A little of this and a little of that. Meanwhile pants are SO TIGHT (which is very sexy but I can't sit back on a sofa or climb stairs without completely splaying my knees and waddling up them--less sexy then.) (I've decided lifts are corona hotboxes so I take the stairs even if there is a lift option.) (Sadly if I gain even an extra half inch of weight on my thighs it's going to be bye bye pants so let's enjoy them while they last.) #whatiworetoday

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