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13 March 2021

Today in Photo

Lovely @janicepariat came over for dinner last night and brought us these lovely flowers which I was just admiring in the morning light. Pink carnations which mean "gratitude" as in, I'm so thankful to have friends, I'm so thankful we got through this last year, I'm so thankful for the things I previously took for granted, a friend walking over from her house to mine for dinner, a bottle of wine, long conversation from 7 pm to almost 11. The Latin word for the carnation family is Dianthus which comes from the Greek, actually. It was discovered by ancient Greek botanist Theophrastus and means "divine flower." there's also a myth involving the goddess Diana which is kinda gory: she took a liking to a shepherd boy who refused her advances (very unwise). In a fit of rage she plucked out his eyes and cast them to the ground where they sprouted into flowers. Hurray? But most appropriately: the word "carnation" derives from "corona" which we ALL know the meaning of because it was so often woven into a crown. Symbols of resistance and good grace, wear them proudly, remember when you next see one that you're looking at a long history of scholarship and also blood and gore. #flowers #carnations #languageofflowers

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