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"A mesmerizing account of the well-known story of Matsyagandha ... and her transformation from fisherman’s daughter to Satyavati, Santanu’s royal consort and the Mother/Progenitor of the Kuru clan." - Hindustan Times

"Themes of fate, morality and power overlay a subtle and essential feminism to make this lyrical book a must-read. If this is Madhavan’s first book in the Girls from the Mahabharata series, there is much to look forward to in the months to come." - Open Magazine

"A gleeful dollop of Blytonian magic ... Reddy Madhavan is also able to tackle some fairly sensitive subjects such as identity, the love of and karmic ties with parents, adoption, the first sexual encounter, loneliness, and my favourite, feminist rage." - Scroll

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22 August 2021

Today in Photo

The seal is broken on cinema visits, just went to our first last night since 2019 (that was Little Women which was really good, this was Another Round, a weird Oscar winning Danish film about a man in the throes of a midlife crisis who decides to experiment with being drunk all the time. Also really good, and on Indian Prime I think, last time I checked.) Lovely to see a movie again, lovely to walk down the street discussing it. I've never been much for movies in theatres, perhaps because I don't care about all your Marvel Sharvel and everything else is slightly hit or miss. (Except good Indian movies which I like watching on the big screen, again slightly hit or miss.) but after taking a two year break I'm suddenly vividly into the idea of GOING TO THE PICTURES. Expensive and yes I still have a projector at home but fun for all that. #minnaindeutschland #berlinstories #goingtothemovies

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