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25 June 2004

Dog days

Last night, I spent a long time looking at other people's blogs. I'm beginning to do this quite a bit these days. I'm just trying to unravel the mystery behind what makes people want to write, and also looking for ideas for my own blog.
I stumbled across another blog from New Delhi, which was nice to see. I keep finding Asian blogs, sure, but not so many Indian ones.
Anyway, since I have almost nothing to report, let me tell you about my dogs.
I have two dogs, but till very recently I only had one. Her name is Cookie and she's what my friend calls a 'cocker scandal'. Ha, ha, very funny and all that. She's actually a cross between the sweetest tempered spaniel I have ever met and the meanest mongrel I have ever met. So she's like the little girl in the poem: "When she's good, she's very, very good and when she's bad, she's horrid!" A couple of months ago, Cookie took it upon herself to lose her virginity and there followed long orgies in the park with perhaps the scruffiest mongrels in the entire world. The result were two puppies (originally she had five but I think she squashed three of them). One was a black male, who was best when left alone to his own devices. He didn't like being cuddled much, possibly because Cookie had sat on him as well and he was a little squashed. Because this made him waddle, I called him Turtle. The other was a hyperactive blonde female who always has her nose in everything and tormented her poor brother no end.
I made a bid to keep Turtle but my mom's friends wanted a puppy and they took a liking to him. Well, my mom's friend did. Her 16 year old son eyed the blonde one longingly as she chewed his shoelaces.
So we were left with Gemma, as I decided to call her. My parents put up a protest to her "foreign" name after I had gotten used to calling her Gemma and so her name was changed with much debate to Gudiya, which means 'doll' in Hindi and which is also an affectionate diminutive in most households for the baby girls.
Gudiya this morning chewed up my brand new pair of Osho slippers. Osho slippers for those who don't know are lovely straw flip-flops with velvet straps which always look elegant and are bloody comfortable. They are called Osho slippers because they are sold in the Osho World shop, named after a guru called Osho. If you manage to find a pair, I recommend them strongly!
Lyric Of The Day: This one is my all time 'lets-bitch-about-men' fave! Happy singing.

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  1. Thanks for the tip, Hima, will definitely check it out. April, it would be great if you could help me.. I'm a little scared of my computer..!


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