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28 June 2004

Saturday I'm running wild...

I do a regular books column for the paper I work with. It's fun, mainly because it doesn't feel like work. I get to read a lot, and think a lot and by the end of the week, I manage to produce enough of a column to keep my editors happy.
Of course, this weekend, tired out, I took Saturday off. I was all prepared to curl up on the couch and read something "enriching". There are so many books on my shelves which I haven't touched. Instead I surrounded myself with gluts of childhood fiction. Enid Blyton and Beverly Cleary all as addictive as chip and dip. Plus those books had so many memories! Reading Ramona Forever brought back memories of being eight, and thinking the world was unfair.
Being an only child I was often lonely, and for solace used to crawl into the cupboard where the quilts were kept. I loved-- and still love-- the satiny feel of the underside of the quilt and I could sit there for hours (but NOT with the door closed!). I used to get teased a lot, by the neighbourhood children, before I became 'best friends' with the gang leader. She still is a close friend of mine today.
Then we moved to Trivandrum, a town down South, where we lived in a remote valley. Beautiful yes, but what price beauty when I had no company. There were two kids who lived next door-- Bipin and Bindya, and they were my only company, but they weren't much fun. They were the kind of people who kept toys in a display case. Honestly! Plus whenever I quarreled with them, Bindya would start bawling and Bipin would shake his head sorrowfully at me saying, "You are a bad girl." and walk away taking his sister with him.
Being an only child isn't easy. There are times in my life when I think back and go, "Oh I wish I had a brother or sister to share this with." But then, there's so much I wouldn't have. The trips abroad, the car, the unrivalled attention form my parents. So now I wouldn't change it for anything. Plus I learnt how to amuse myself, which is an invaluable talent I encourage you all to cultivate.
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  1. Twin brothers huh? Wow! How old are they?
    I would tell you what paper I worked for, i really would, but it's part of quite a reputed group and in case I want to slander someone, I'd rather they didn't find out!
    I LOVED the Find Outer Series! My favourite I think was the Mystery Of The Pantomime Cat. Yours?

  2. in fact it is to experience the truth. every one have sugar coatings on the words, looks and behaviours. The inner part of every ones life is hidden nor don't want to express. Who is loyal to whom? How many are there self loyal - no comments.

    I wanted to express many truths - but is bitter and no one accept it. any way.. gone through the lifes major part and need not worry.
    I believe, life is only one and to enjoy and what will happen tomorrow, no one knows. The unexpected, un predictable tomorrow - Don't wait for it and go with the satisfaction of LIVING EACH DAY.

  3. yep


    just like Baileys cream ..... keep write on blogs


  4. huh.....amazing is the word ....can u b as bold as u r ........even wid a face?

  5. I'm an only child too!! Yeah it used to be lonely, and at times i wished I had a sibling or too. But then even I learned how to amuse talking to myself in the mirror ;) And the best part of being an only child is that when your parents give you a chocolate it's all for you, but the downside of that was I never learned to share my food or toys right up to the age of 12. I'm a huge fan of Enid Blyton too. I can still happily curl up with one of her books. Though my favourites were the Famous five (George aka Georgina and her dog Timmy aka Timothy being my favourite characters) and I was also hugely fond of the Malory Tower series (I've read the whole series over 4 times) ;) Keep writing I love reading :)


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