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29 July 2004

I was a teenage workaholic

I've been accused of neglecting this blog lately, so even though I'm upto my ears in work, I shall post. (So there, Hima!)

What's been going on is three stories that I have had to do, plus the regular coffee supplement that I edit. So right now, I'm surrounded by print-outs, my phone is ringing its head off and I'm frantically pursuing people to 'Design faster!'

Besides that, my cool discovery of the day is Animation Shop 3-- the free trial version. I'm severely (or should I say Sirius-ly) addicted to a Harry Potter forums site, called Mugglenet Interactive (the link is here somewhere). Anyway, so since everyone there has a cool avatar and signature, I decided to create my own. My maiden attempt has flash images of an owl, then a phoenix and then a raven. And then --- ta-dah!-- it fades into the letters :'Harry Potter. Not Just For The Birds'. Quite cool, eh?
I think I'm in Sirius danger of becoming a nerd!

On to other news. Dee is off tommorow to go visit her boyfriend in Calcutta. (Humph, my boyfriend might as well be in Calcutta for the amount I get to see him). Anyhoo, so it's back to my mum's for me this weekend. Yes, I'm a wuss, I don't like staying in an empty house. I keep hearing mysterious 'noises'.

I'm planning to go for Spiderman 2 this weekend. Anyone here seen it who can give me an opinion?

And I think that about wraps it up. It's been a boring couple of days, you see-- to much work and not enough time to think!

*Elvis style lip curl* Thank you, thank you very much. 

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