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21 July 2004

Older men are sexy

I suddenly noticed as I was typing this that my font looked different. Oh joy.. there's a 'fonts' pull-down box, a colour box and even if my eyes see correctly-- an image box!
Today I've been rather bored. Yesterday was a book launch in a hotel--- a very famous author's son wrote his (his father's) biography and there to launch it was a very famous actor. Here's a hint: the actor was accompanied by his wife, an actress in her own right, and his best friend in Delhi--- a politician. Still clueless? Amitabh Bachchan, silly! (If you're Indian, you really should be reading more newspapers), if not Amitabh Bachchan at 60 is still one of Indian cinema's biggest superstars.
Today I decided to experiment a little with my blog and set up the cutest hit counter (see the bottom of the page). The only thing is, I don't think it works, coz I've checked my website twice and the numbers still say zero. Hmmm... any words of wisdom?
But all in all, I'm quite proud of myself for setting it up. *pats self on back*.
To go back to Amitabh, I think it's unbelievable that someone that old could be that sexy. Take Richard Gere for example. Now he makes my toes curl everytime I come across a rerun of Pretty Woman or Runaway Bride. But he's old enough to be my grandfather.
Amitabh doesn't do that for me, but he does make me want to be still and listen everytime he talks. And since I belong to the 'generation that doesn't oil it's hair' (English, August) that's a rather remarkable feat for me.
Psst.. I've also added a daily cartoon feature.. enjoy! :)

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