16 August 2004

dear reader,
he broke up with me.
that's all.
this is what heartbreak feels like--- not the pain and hurt i thought i'd feel-- but a numbness, which thankfully allows me to go about my day, not caring till a sudden blast of memory leaves me feeling like a great big chunk has suddenly been scooped out of my stomach.
i know this too shall pass. i know eventually if we don't get back together i'll move on. but its not easy to remember that right now.
i'm just taking it one day at a time. i do hope you won' mind if i don't post regularly.


  1. Mynna.. honey.. BIG HUG.. i dont know what else to say, and if whatever i say would comfort you.. i know it hurts like hell, hope you guys manage to sort out your differences and God forbid if not, you have the strength and the good sense to move on..

    you please take good care of yourself.. waiting for things to look up and a cheery all-is-well post from you soooon.

  2. Although I am fair at kicking ass and even better as a mom, i do not do the emotional felt typical responses to these things. Having said this, I will speak to you as if I were your mother:

    Mynna, you are too good for him if he can throw you down in a pile of dust. You are not a doll for him to play with as he sees fit. Stand up, dust yourself off and let your natural glow attract someone worthy of your perfect being!


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