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20 August 2004

The Night Of The Ex-Boyfriend

I arrive at work early today, being Saturday, no rush hour to battle so my hair is still wet and the gel looks fresh.
So I figure let me tell you about yesterday quickly before the madness of the morning begins and the rest of my colleagues troop in.
I so wish you guys had been able to see K.'s face yesterday! I told you I had a rather "dramatic" haircut right? Well, none of my friends had seen it yet and so when I arrived at Ginny's party, top drawn low over cleavage, jeans slung around my pelvic girdle--- the reaction was rather favourable.
Ginny, bless her, pranced up to me and said, "Oh my God! You look so hot!" Her sorta boyfriend agreed and we swapped gel names. Then I saw K. whose eyebrows had raised to the top of his scalp. "Hello," I said, cool as a cucumber. "Hi," he replied, still staring. Then I grabbed Ginny and disappeared into the house to make myself a drink.
Later, his friend Randeep entered the house. He greeted Dee customarily, the two of them doing the whole head-nod thing at each other. Then he swept past me. "Hey, Randeep," I said softly, nursing my drink.
I have never seen anyone do that kind of double-take outside of a movie. :)
So it was a feel-good evening essentially. K. looked supremely unhappy (well, he broke up with me didn't he? It's not like I asked him to personally trample all over my heart), and though it felt unreal to be at a party with him and not be with him if you know what I mean, outwardly I was all sunshine. We barely spoke as a matter of fact. He did try to ruffle my hair and tell me it looked nice but I ever-so-subtly moved my head away and said non-commitally "Thanks".
So yay, one point to Mynna! And if he's regretting breaking up with me now then too bloody bad, right?


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