12 October 2004

The Fling Commandments

fling ( P ) (flng)v. flung, (flng) fling·ing, flings v. tr.
A brief period of indulging one's impulses. See Synonyms at binge.
Informal. A usually brief attempt or effort: You take a fling at it.
A brief sexual or romantic relationship.

1) Thou shalt determine the nature of the relationship before thou proceed. (Specify: one night stand, short term, long term)

2) Thou shall abide by the "no-kiss-and-tell" rule.

3) Thou shalt not pretend nothing ever happened, unless the other person wants it that way.

4) Thou shalt not cheapen nor demean thy partner in any way or form.

5) Thou shalt own a form of contraceptive (In other words: No glove, no love.)

6) Thou shalt not leave hickeys/love bites on any normally visible area of the body.

7) Thou shalt not bring another date to meeting with said fling, unless fling is informed that it was a one-night stand prior to hook-up and not a fling.

8) Thou shalt not diss the friends of the fling.

9) Thou shalt not make any promises, thou does not intend to keep. (Best not to promise at all)

10) Honour, respect and be honest with thy fling and thou shalt be assured a place in their hearts.


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