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28 October 2004

An interval and an introduction

I've been a flirting machine these days! I swear, really not kidding.
So, on to episode 142 in Those Days, Those Nights starring eM as herself.

Scene 1:
(A park outside a popular cafe. Young people cluster around a dried out fountain. Some are smoking. Two girls sit by themselves on the side, talking animatedly. Camera zooms in to their faces.)

Iggy: So I should be leaving now.
eM: Yeah, me too. I have plans for later tonight. (pauses and looks over her shoulder at the group of young men who sit on the other side) D'you think we should say bye to them?
Iggy: Well, I'm guessing yes. It would look kind of rude if we didn't.

(eM sighs and rises. They walk over to the boys)

Iggy: Hey where did Meg and Kirti go? Weren't they hanging out with you, K?
(eM makes a face to herself in her head. No one notices. She then checks out the guy sitting next to K. It's rather dark, so she can't make out his features, but he looks nice enough. Iggy pulls out a cigarette and eM realises that they are going to be sitting there for a while. Still she stays standing)
K: Have a seat. Hey, by the way, this is my friend Manav.
eM: (smiles) Nice to meet you.
K: He's a friend of my brothers.
Manav: So how do you guys know each other? From college?
eM: (laughs sardonically) This should be fun!
K: (looks sheepish) Uh.. we used to.. that is... date.
(eM meanwhile has turned the other way and is thinking about something else. When she returns to earth with a start she notices Iggy is on the phone and K and Manav are deep in conversation)
eM: So, yeah, I'll just sit here and talk to myself then.
(Both boys smile at her, K sheepishly and Manav with interest. Manav then rises and sits next to her at which point her phone rings. eM goes off to take the call and returns smiling brightly)
eM: Sorry! Sorry! That was my mum.
(She realises she likes the way Manav smells and smiles her very-large, very-toothy I'm-hitting-on-you-smile. She notices K's eyebrows raise.)
K: Manav wants to know where to party in Delhi.
eM: Oh are you here on holiday?
Manav: Yes. I live in Atlanta.
(eM thinks That would explain the accent but decides not to say anything)
eM: Well it really depends on what sort of music you like listening to
Manav: I like rock and retro. That kind of stuff.
eM: Ooh then you should definitely go to Turquiose Cottage (shoots a look at K) In fact I'm surprised K didn't suggest it himself.
Manav: Oh that sounds like a nice place. I'd like to see it.
eM: (hesitates, begins talking, stops and begins talking again) Actually I'm going tonight with a couple of friends. You.. guys... should totally come with us.
K: Well, count me out. Can't get out on a weekday.
eM: Manav, you can come with us anyway.
Manav: Sure, I'd like that.
(They exchange numbers. K's face is unreadable through this. He looks like he too is pondering something. eM walks away feeling empowered)
~~~~~~ End Of Scene~~~~~

Anyway, so he did come that night and we really hit it off. It was nice to be told I was pretty, nicer to be told that I was intellegent and the fact that he enjoyed my company as I did his made it better I guess.
Truth be told, I did hold back. This was K's friend after all, some sort of ethics had to be used, right? The thing is, after coming out of one rejecting relationship, I've become so used to rejection, it's the norm for me. So if once in a while a guy actually thinks I'm pretty cool instead of pushing me away with games, I wonder what's wrong with him. Dumb, I know, but at least I'm aware of it.
But along the way, I think it was in Hyderabad, I realised that I was being an ass. After all, he was here for only a couple of days and I was enjoying myself. Why are women so stupid? Why are they only drawn to those who will hurt them? I sure as hell wasn't going to get into that rut again.
So we've been meeting up and talking. In fact, we went out last night as well and he said if he was in Delhi he'd definitely want to date me. "I think it's the hair," he said shyly, "It makes you look somewhat hippy-- but not totally."
Awww.. I thought and said, but beyond mild flirtation nothing has happened there. Which I'm okay with. We're planning to stay in touch even after he leaves, but is a couple of days enough to build a foundation for an email friendship?
Time will tell. And when it tells me, I'll let you know.

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