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17 January 2005

Guess Who's Back?

But I am sooooooooo exhausted, so please, bear with me if you were hoping for a marathon blog entry, because I just don't think I have it in me, after driving for two hours to get home from 12 kilometers away. Aargh.
Also today was the first day at New Job (which I guess is now just Job, which doesn't really need a capital J, now does it?). It was promising, the people are nice, the office is nice, everything is very oraganised, I feel productive because I had an interview with an artist on my first day instead of having to sit around for weeks on end waiting pitifully for someone to throw an assignment my way. But. BUT. The computers are soooooo (again the long 'so'. Feel free to add "a needle pulling thread" at any point). They actually use DOS! For god's sake, DOS? If you were born in the 1980's, do you remember DOS? DOS was when no-one, and I mean, no-one had a PC. One of my family friends owned an antiquated machine, way back when I was about six or seven. Black-and-white, a sort of glorified electric typewriter. The only memorable thing about it was that it had this game called Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego, all about this chick, Carmen, who was always on mission at some obscure location and you had to solve the geographic clues to figure out where she was. (The capital of Iceland, anyone?)
Anyway, besides the DOS, and besides the fact that only one computer has an internet connection, I think I'll do fine.
On to other news. That thing with the Whippersnapper? Yup, it was a date. :)
But the only thing that hampered this "date" from going in full swing was the fact that I met this other boy before I went to Bombay and well, it was different. I didn't blog about him earlier, because foolishly I gave him the address to this thing and I thought he would read it but he didn't, and now he probably will, but now I have more time to form an opinion (Phew!) Annieway, he studies abroad and we were at opposite ends of the same social circle when we were about 13, but we met recently through other friends at (where else?) Turquoise Cottage. And we hit it off, and to cut a not-so-long story short, we've decided to stay in touch even after he leaves (which is tonight) and see how it goes and whether we can sustain something.
All this overdose of Boy-ness probably means I'm going to have a terribly boring life for a while. I can feel it brewing. The universe is usually not so nice to me.


  1. Whoop!! fusht again!
    It's heartening to hear that you're gettin to like your new place EM. as for the DOS thing..well...err..uhmm.."old is gold"?

    I remember a game called digger that we used to play in school once we had finished with our BASIC programs..

    ps: the capital of Iceland is Reyjavick..or something like that i think :->

  2. Welcome back!!! I always feel the same unease you describe when things are going TOO well...I just wait to step into a whole filled with mud and sharp glass or something. But, then again, maybe the unpredictability of the universe--when it will send whatever things to us--is what makes it so great. Or cruel. Whichever. Living in the world...tough business, indeed. :)

  3. Hi! (Belated) Happy new year! And congrats on your first day at new job! Hope you have loads of fun and the good phase keeps going on......

  4. Everyman: Yes, ding, ding, ding! The capital of Iceland IS as a matter of faxt--Regjavik (or however you spell that)And yeah, I remember Digger too, from way back when.

    Fuego: Unpredictability is what makes it fun sometimes. But I do wish the universe would issue a bulletin or something, a memo to say that my world is going to change drastically in T-10 seconds. Ya think?

    Sunrayz: Hello, Happy New Year! And I hope your new year goes brilliantly too :)

    KB: Thank you---for dropping by, for posting a comment and most of all for your good wishes :)

  5. wtf young missy?!!!
    you and I have a LOT to talk about. Btw, somehow Carmen Sandiego would always hang when I went to Reykjavik. Two years later, when I got Win 95, I also got Where in Space... which was a lot more fun, better graphics and all. We also had this game (on DOS) called Gumboots, a detective program set in Australia!
    see ya tonight.

  6. Me! Me! I know the answer! It's REYKJAVIK!!
    Well, something like that, anyway..
    And, yeah, I remember Carmen Sandiego.. I used to play it all the time.. Only, I always thought Carmen was a guy... And then I finally caught up with her and behold! It's a GURL!!


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