29 March 2005

The tables turn

I'm bored.

I want to be entertained.

For a while, I've run out of exciting stories, so here's a fun idea: email me some of your most confessional moments and I'll put them up here. C'mon, please? It'll be such fun! And you can remain anonymous if you want.
Coz I'm going to recharge my blog batteries for a bit, till I come up with some very good stories to write about.

Anyway, if you're in, email me at thecompulsiveconfessor@gmail.com

Ooh, please? :) *makes Bambi eyes*

ps: if you're not in and you still want to know what's going on with me, go read High Fidelity and listen to Macy Gray's I Try. That should sum it up for you.


Yay! The first one's in, this one by Swinging Scab, who by the way, I've been admiring from afar for a while.

How about compulsive confession of the day? So I subbed this lady's copy about a fashion designer and thought I'd spice it up a bit, so added bits here and there, and put in a line on how her clothes were made for '24-36-24' perfect bodies.

Everyone passes the copy and then the Deputy Editor scans it and comes out and asks shyly (he's an elderly man), "Aren't these proportions a little unusual?" So of course everyone just DIES laughing and I wanted to dissolve in embarrasment, but chose to keep shut...so now everyone thinks the contributor (it was a freelancer) is really silly. :p

Okay, now that was what I call a wicked confession :) SS, are you planning on owning up anytime soon?


  1. Most confessional moments????

  2. Hmm... I tried to confess to a friend yesterday and first, she yelled at me for trying to freak her out by saying what she thought was a blatant lie... then she walked away, calling me the worst human being ever. Big confessions... think not ;)

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