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2 April 2005

Celebrating The Randomness

> I have new jewellery! One is a ring made out of glass or ceramic, a huge fuck-off type ring, which I wear on my fuck-off finger. It's blue, with white stripes and is really very pretty. The other is a new belly stud with a glittery purple stone which I am inordinately proud of and have been showing off to all and sundry. Most of my audience has shuddered and said, "Doesn't that hurt?" in shocked tones but my favourite response so far has been of one of my colleagues who said, "Wow." and "You're my hero" in appropriately awed tones.

> I recommend Culinaire in GKII to anyone who lives in Delhi. It's a little way beyond the GKII market and is a well-kept secret from everyone who doesn't live in the area. Excellent, excellent Thai food at pretty reasonable prices and it's open-air and you should order the green chicken curry.

> It's April Fool's Day and I am reminded of the times way back when I was in elementary school, when we got great pleasure out of tricking fellow classmates, and then chanting, "April Fool! April Fool! Tell the teacher, you are beau-ti-ful." No one ever had any intention of telling the teacher that, of course, but it was a nice thing to chant even if it didn't scan well.

> I realise it's my last day before I'm on desk duty for the rest of the week, which means (AAARGH, AAARGH) no stories and hanging around office making pages, checking ad positions and general running around. I should carry a book.

> Went to TC on Wednesday and realised my beloved media nights are being taken over by chickies in very short skirts and high heels who look you up and down before they turn away. And boys in baggy jeans and gelled hair. Yuck. And it was really, really crowded. Time to look for a new watering hole, I think. I believe Carib in New Friend's Colony has media nights on Fridays, so that may be the next shift. But, while at TC I met Pieces' Mumbai gang who I spent a lot of time hanging out with while I was there. They were leaving for Manali but one of them said he'd be in town next week and we're going to catch up and go to Elevate. Also met Ex New Boy, who was being very sweet and is still as pretty as ever, but unfortunately I only feel sisterly towards him, so *sigh* no late night booty calls there, despite the shiny disco balls.

> And since everyone writes about the Google searches that lead people to their blogs, I want to too! The strangest keywords so far are:

give me idea about mca entrance exams
girdle hover pee
can dettol hurt my unborn baby

The last one is a little disturbing and can I just say, even though I'm not a gynae or anything, YES, Virginia, Dettol can hurt your unborn baby, so don't do anything that might involve Dettol and a foetus, okay? (Ew.. mental picture just happened)


  1. i say wow too. wow.

    by the way, was the ring a present?

  2. Yeah, TC these dayses is crowded as hell,
    If you find anuther plaze with similar music, do pray tell.

  3. TC sucks, true. Have blogged my derisive dismissal of the place too :)
    And belly stud... Didn't it hurt, though?

  4. I wanna see pictures of the new jewelry!

    My favorite tattoo story is when Johnny Depp had to modify his ode to Wynonna Rider from "Wynonna forever" to "Wyno forever".

  5. Vishnupriya: Thanks for the "wow"! :) Nope, the ring wasn't a present... to quote Destiny's Child: "I bought it, coz I depend on me"

    Manish: You're a TC regular too? Small world, huh? :)

    Tablemannered: Don't get me wrong, I still LURVE TC. I saw your post and wrote long defensive comment and then my comp switched itself off and I lost it :( As for belly stud, the original piercing I had about two years ago hurt a lot more..but the repiercing to get the stud to fit was pretty paimful too. Still, worth it, totally.

    Elf: Tattoo is next on the line. I'm still trying to come up with a suitable symbol. Any ideas?

    Mint: No digicam :(
    I also liked Angelina Jolie's scar type cover ups. Moral of the story: Never get inscribed with your boyfriend/girlfriend's name! :)

  6. Belly stud?! What else can that be, besides wow! :)
    And Dettol hurting unborn child is totally disturbing, must let my client about alternative uses of his brand! :)


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