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3 April 2005

Since it's much too hot to go outside. Since I have run out of cigarettes. Since procuring DVD guy's number is not happening, here are some things I am doing to amuse myself, with airconditioner on and Pepsi mobile bottle.

(Item One: The Gamer)
Play this game and I guarantee you will be addicted. Like I am. I used to play it all the time a couple of summers ago. I remember K coming to pick me up for one of our nights on the town and I'd be sitting in front of the computer, still in dressing gown and towel and gazing zombie-like at the screen. He'd look at me, I'd give him a brief smile and finally with combined efforts of him and my mother, I'd get dressed and leave the house only to return later and switch on my computer immedeatly. And those were the dial-up days. Anyway so I replayed it again today and I couldn't stop. Really. Finally I closed the window because my eyes were beginning to blur over. The game has resonances of summer, eating beef jerky in the middle of the night and the rumble of my A/C in the background. When I was in college, during the summer holidays, when I didn' have to wake up early the next day for work. Good times.

(Item Two: The Smartypants)
I am also a trivia collector. I know all sorts of useless information, like for instance that it's impossible to lick your own elbow. (Okay, I'll wait. Go on, you know you want to try it. There. Happy?) So when I stumbled upon this blog, I thought my little trivia nodules in my brain would spontaneously explode from happiness. I also liked this post about favourite themes from Hindi cartoons. This kind of thing really floats my boat. (Psst, my favourite trivia site is this one, where you can do little online quizlets to prove how smart you are. And I really am. Quickie: Which episode of Friends had all the credits rolling as Jennifer Aniston Arquette, David Schwimmer Arquette etc.?)

(Item Three: The Biatch)
So the other day my friend calls me from work and goes, "Ya, so you know I was planning on giving you a long talk on how to manage your life and then I came across this site and it just said everything I wanted to say." After going, "Abbawibba" for a bit, I decided to visit it and really! such! fun! It really says everything, you know? Of course, still doesn't give anyone the right to tell me how to lead my life, because hello, my choices are MY choices however incredibly stupid or without dignity or really, really WRONG they seem to others. My life. Mine. But go visit anyway, especially if you're female.

(Item Four: The Helpless Damsel)
For a switch from that one, I must confess, I spend a great deal of my time on this one too.Despite the sexist title, I find quite a few useful (and mostly laugh-your-guts-out-at-stupidity-of-male-species) things to read. I stumbled upon it, because at my old job once we were putting together a Christmas supplement and my job was to do the page on drinks and hangover cures. I sat around racking my brains for a bit, because though I knew quite a few hangover cures, they all involved sticking your head under a pillow till the sun went away and muttering "Go away" to anything that dared enter your room. And consuming enough water to bathe a joint family for a week. But one of my male colleagues came to my rescue as I uselessly Googled "hangover + remedies" and told me about this very cool site. Hangover article done, headline: The Morning After, inspired by one of the Sweet Valley High's I used to read. This particular article gave me both a huge laugh and an inside hmm, because most of it sounded pretty much like the stuff I as an "insrutable woman", do. Which is perhaps not surprising because the author is a woman. Oh well, guys go read your heart out. :)

(Item Five: Ditto, ditto)

Because some things cannot be linked to enough:

1) Hysterical. I pee in my pants every time I read this.
2) I heart Google.
3) Yeah, so I'm bored with regular TV.
4)And you said I OD'd with the capital letters.
5) I loff za wodka.

Happy timepass, all.


  1. eM,
    Am at ..didn't get the name at first..nice place..

    as for there quite a few's ..what do i say..interesting!!


  2. hey ! I actually knew the answer to your friends question....

    I used to be the college B quiz team, so to speak. Meaning, we were good, but there were three guys who were better. So they would be the team that gets first pref... then us....

    Anyways, I cant seem to get any of those games up.. poor me and my dialup.

    This works like a charm, everytime.

  3. Shain: The best part about Tulleeho is the cocktail recipes in one of the sections. Go look! :)

    Vignesh: Very good! I had no idea about your quizzing history! Bad luck about the games though :(

  4. I couldn't get the games up eithr. I am on Linux for which there is no Shockwave director plugin available!!!

    I am really bad at trivia. But I can lick my left elbow. Either I have a long tongue (ewww) or a small arm. Call me Mr. Plastic.

    BTW, hoe do you know search combos which lead people to your blog? I know, I know, I am ignorant.


  5. Anurag: you're probably the only person in the WORLD who can lick their own elbow! Woo hoo! And about the search refererrs, you have to put a site tracker somewhere on your template. (check my sidebar, there should be a little one marked "How People Got Here")

  6. read ure blog and just couldn't stop laughin(well i dint read the whole thing...)I have but 2 things to say to you

    1.You're abso-f*&king-lutely funny.
    2.Keep blogging forever!!


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