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27 May 2005

And other stuff

For The Sake Of Auld Lang Syne

I thought I had a date yesterday. See, when I was at TC this weekend, sitting sulkily by myself in a corner while Priya and her boyfriend Abhinav slow danced and smiled into each other's eyes, this guy came up to me.
"Um... excuse me?"
"Yes?" I said, turning around, all prepared to be sharp and huffy, till I noticed he was sorta cute. So I kept some of the brusqueness and dropped the huffiness.
"Um.. are you eM?"
"Yes..." I said, now raising my eyebrows.
"Hey, hi, I don't know whether you remember me, I'm Karthik and we used to be in boarding together!"
(Wait, pause, just a second. Recent events have brought to light that some people think when I use names on this blog, I'm using real life actual names. Well, hello, no. I'm not stupid. All names are psuedonyms and are in no way meant as actual names. Has it ever occured to you that there might be two Devyanis in this huge country we live in? Or more than one Karthik? Anyway, now that that's settled, moving on with my story.)
Anyway, I remember Karthik as this little guy, one of the shortest in our class and he remembered me as this girl with long curly hair and braces and so we had a good time looking each other up and down and going, "Oh my god, you've changed!" (I love it when that happens).
And after yelling over TC's sonic boom volume music we fixed up to meet in the next couple of days. And he asked me, "Are you dating anyone?" and I said, "No" very demurely and "Are you?" and he said, "I don't know." Hmmm.
So we met yesterday for coffee and he was very nice and sweet and we discussed school and how this one guy I used to hit on majorly was actually gay and hit on many of the boys in our batch. And work and what we had done in the last seven years. And his girlfriend.
Yeah, he has one. Been dating for a year and a half now. Sigh.
And then we decided to fix up to meet over the weekend, before he leaves for Canada. But it was nice, all the same. Not a date, like I expected, but there is something to be said for platonicity. (Is that even a word?)

Now With 100 Per Cent More Moisturiser!

Yesterday this photographer told me that the systems guys have nicknames for all the women in office. She told him she was going on assignment with me and he said, "Oh the Dove Girl?" Dove Girl??? Hallo, explaination please? Perhaps it's because I look so pure :)

We're Updated

Yeah baby.
Guess who has a brand new Windows XP OS? Me, that's who.
Guess who can finally play the Sims 2 she was given for her birthday? Me again.
Guess who's waiting for a new monitor because she can't see any dark colours on her present one? Yup, that would be me.

Welcomes Are In Order
Because over 20k visitors is no joke. I should probably make this site more serious and all, considering *gasp* so many people! I throw the floor open. Now accepting reader feedback. But whoever my 20 thousandth person was, you're very cool! Yay! :)


  1. hey c la premiere fois que je vois ça un blog en inde.

  2. beaucoup d'autres existent aussi!

    (thank you Google transalating tools!)

  3. Whatever you do with your blog, don't loose the ingenuity in your posts.

  4. Platonicity :) Use it three times and it's yours they say. And 20k visitors?! Maybe you should start syndication or a bi-lingual version eh? Blogger's just released a bunch of mobile blogging tools you can use. "Get The Compulsive Confessor(TM) on your Orange mobile via SMS!"

  5. Hey...I love the way you i am reading a book or something..and this subtle but in your face humour all at once is what i like reading...keep the good writing going..shall add you to my blogroll soon...

  6. pleo: Ha ha, very funny. I prefer to think it's because I smell so good! :)

    saurabh: I'm trying very hard not to!

    satya: Hey, what's so funny?

    the box: Hey, good idea! Or I could syndicate it and use it worldwide.. i wish!!!

    lavin: Hey, thanks! It's always good to know what people like reading!

  7. if u r called dove girl, what r ur other female colleagues called? medimix girl? lakme girl? vicco girl?! ;)

    and hey! i dont think u shud make any changes to your site. i think its great as it is. :)

  8. Twenty-thousand visitors?! That had better be a total to-date, and not a daily count, or I will be very jealous.

    Of course, I'm already a little bit jealous, as nobody's ever called me Dove Boy before, and I moisturise morning AND night. >:-(

  9. eM- Français parlant du travail bon

    I wouldn't change a thing (although I'd love to see pictures of Hookah owners and various hotties found at TC's)

  10. Yes!! Pictures, please (not the Motheater kind). Dove??? Well, I was Fair and Lovely one small phase in school. So don't worry; they'll all forget soon.

  11. mandar: I don't know what the others are called, even though they've asked, they haven't been told :)

    jay: No, no, total to-date. you can stop being jealous now :)

    mint: not planning on changing anything! And no idea what you just said in French. Digicam will be purchased soon, so pics hopefully

    mangs: If you MAIL me, pics will be sent to you. I'm not posting them :)

  12. Eeek!!! I HAVE to know about this Karthik character and the one who turned out to be gay. Email me woman! Share the goss.. I've been told a couple of stories that are sort of unbelievable as well.

  13. Hi Em.... Got to know about your blog today..started reading from the 101th page :P...Soooo wanted to ask (just out of curiosity) - what's/where's TC???


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